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Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

Anyone who follows me on social media will know all about my intense love affair with Poundland. It’s pretty much my favourite shop at the minute.

At my last visit I managed to pick up this beauty of a book, “Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids”. It’s RRP was £7.99, but it cost (you guessed it) a meagre £1!

Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

I love it because it clearly caters for lazy people like and splits the recipes into prep time. Such a great idea!

Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

It’s also the most high tech book I’ve ever owned as it offers to email you the recipe so you have a shopping list.

Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

To be fair, at this point even if the recipes were rubbish I’d still be totally impressed for a pound, but they’re actually really good!

It contains 96 relatively easy and affordable recipe ideas that don’t take more than 30 mins to make, which is perfect when cooking for kids because there’s always a sudden urgency surrounding feeding them. They suddenly become starving and request to be immediately satiated.

The book is split into sections and within each section is the bit about prep time.

Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

My particular favourite from the ‘Party Time’ chapter is this glorious beast of a snack:

Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

It’s easily the most ingenious use of bagels that I ever did see!

I’m also a big fan of hidden vegetables, I believe every mother out there has to be, unless she is incredibly lucky (or a bit of a supermum, which I am not).

Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

There’s a load of really achievable 10 minute snacks too. I just love this book because it doesn’t have unrealistic expectations of my free time or cooking ability.

To be perfectly honest, it would still have been a bargain if I’d paid the full £7.99, for the pound that it set me back, it’s incredible!

So who’s off to Poundland?

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7 thoughts on “Quick Cook: Cooking for Kids (A Review)

  1. I’m definitely a Poundland fan! Well done for spotting that book. They often have great bargains in the baking and homeware department.

  2. It looks so nice and easy! BABA would love that kind of recipes! I didn’t imagine this brand would do such products for kids! I will have a look! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

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