Putting Your Own Personal Spin On Halloween

With autumn already here, we can all feel the chill on the air. And that’s not just from the cooler weather. Halloween is on its way, and starting to prepare now could be a good idea to miss rushes and busy schedules during October. Here are a few ideas on what you can do to make your Halloween extra special this year, especially with all the extra time.

Make Your Own Special Effects

You don’t need to fork out on face masks and fake blood when you can make all that stuff yourself and design them how you want. It won’t take too much effort, and is a great learning curve. Similarly, you can hang up plenty of spooky skeletons, but nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned carved pumpkin. It’s also a great way to include the kids and get them really in the mood for the festivities.


Buy All Your Decor Now

If you do want something mass produced that you can quickly hang up, such as fake spider’s webs, funny grave stones, or maybe even a fog machine, get your cash out now.

Before the rush of October, when shops can be dwindling in their halloween supplies, is the best time to browse the full range of spooky decor. It also makes it a lot easier when it comes to the week before and everything is already up.

You could even have nightly displays in the run up to the thinning of the veil, and impress the entire neighbourhood. Be sure to check this is okay with everyone first though!


Go Sophisticated With ‘Sexy’ Outfits

Costumes are the best part of halloween, and leaving them til the last minute is the worst thing you could do!

It’s always been a tried and tested halloween outfit, but dressing as the ‘sexy’ version of something, like a nurse or even worse, a zombie, get’s a little old. Revamp this age old idea and choose something from sexy pinup dresses to add a sense of class and style to your halloween party, or just to look great when out trick or treating! It’s technically a costume, as it’s not something you’d wear daily, and it has that 50s aesthetic about it.

Define the sexy factor your own way, and dress accordingly. This could range from a standard ghost to a disgusting looking ghoul, and it’s a good joke to make when people ask what you’ve come dressed as.


Have A Seasonal Jumper On Hand

If you have an orange jumper with a jack o’lantern on it, or a nice dark and cosy one with some bats or a bright moon, where it whenever you can to bring a little cheer to your routine. It’s not too out there to count against casual fridays at work either!

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year when you can let your creativity literally go wild. You can keep the spooks coming all season if you get your planning in early!

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