Primark Foundation: An Honest Review

Primark’s new make-up range has caused a bit of a buzz in the world of beauty addicts. I’m in loads of make-up lovers groups on Facebook and I see posts vouching for its quality almost daily.

A recurring theme I have noticed is that people are comparing the Primark foundation to Estée Lauder Double Wear*, which is usually around £32.50. Wouldn’t it be awesome if that were true? I’d much rather pay about a fiver than £30+, so I decided to try it out.**

Primark foundation review

Primark Foundation Review

When I was in the store playing with the testers, I noticed there was a great range of colours available. Application of the tester was silky but I wasn’t really using my normal tools. I was just smearing it on my arm with my fingers; not quite true to how I’d be using it at home.

I noticed the coverage seemed good, it glided on and stayed put when I gave it a rub. Since it was a busy Saturday morning, I decided I’d been hogging the testers long enough and it was cheap enough to try at home.

I was really excited to get it on my face; everyone was raving about it and it seemed so good in the shop. I started with my normal routine of cleansing, moisturising and applying primer (I’m old now, my skin needs a lot of prep) and then I applied the foundation with a brush, used my concealer and colour corrections palette as normal and smooshed it all together with my beauty blender.

My initial reaction was that it was a really good product, but with a little bit of wear, the cracks (almost literally) began to show.

After half-an-hour’s wear, the coverage had deteriorated to patchy and I was look a lot less fresh faced than 30 minutes ago.

Primark foundation review

You can see my skin tone is uneven and even slightly blotchy in places. I have mild rosacea and I feel my chin and cheek are already looking pinker than I’d like considering I’d used colour correction as part of my base.

I felt that half an hour wasn’t quite a fair trial and I couldn’t be bothered to take it off an start again, so I just rolled with it.

After 3 hours (which if I was at work, wouldn’t even get me through until lunch) the foundation had completely dried out my skin and caused fine lines to appear (which are never there normally)!

Here I am scowling about my rapidly deteriorating, haggard skin.

Primark foundation review

Have a proper look, this foundation has given me wrinkles. Wrinkles I didn’t posses when I woke up that morning! For a fair comparison, this is me after a shower, and I’m make up free.

Primark foundation review

My skin is actually a million times better than when I’ve got the foundation on. Foundation should make your face much better, otherwise what’s the point?

Although I wasn’t particularly happy when wearing the Primark foundation, it did seem like a quite a nice product in the shop. Also, all those girls on Facebook can’t be wrong, can they?

I suspect I’m a little bit (ahem, 15 years, probably) older than the target market for this product. I also think that my skin is not compatible with the type of foundation this is. I have eczema, combination skin, flaky bits/ oily bits, and a touch of rosacea.

Judging by how nice it is to apply and the range of colours available, I imagine it’ll make a bunch of under 20’s very happy, especially with the £4 price tag (I think).

It’s probably a lovely product for someone who has smooth, non-ancient skin, but I didn’t get on with it. I’ll also warn you not to be fooled by it in the shop. The texture is lovely but the wear doesn’t meet my standards. It’s a cheap risk; but if you’re over 25, it’s still a risk, so be mindful of that.

Let me know how you get on if you do try it. I’d also be interested to hear about your go-to foundation. I’m still to find my foundation soulmate. The quest continues.

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**I don’t have the Double Wear to show you a comparison, but the most glamorous person I know swears by it and has written about it here if you are interested.

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    1. Definitely! I did find a good Avon foundation for a similar price that had a lovely texture but I ordered a colour that wasn’t quite right x

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