Pre-owned Luxury Watches With Xupes

Living with a luxury watch enthusiast, I spend a lot of time passing opinions on second hand watches. I’ve seen a lot of luxury watches in a variety of conditions all priced very differently (thanks Ebay). In my opinion, the best place to buy a pre-owned luxury watch is Xupes. As a bonus they also sell pre-owned luxury handbags (this might have swayed my decision).

Accidental Hipster Dad was recently browsing the pre-owned Breitling section of the site and found some lovely watches to lust over.

When choosing a timepiece, he’s got a few preferences. He leans towards vintage when he has a choice but advises older men’s watches tend to have a smaller dial (that’s watch-speak for ‘face’). He loves this vintage Datora model.

Datora Xupes pre-owned Breitling

He feels its classical good looks are what would make it stand out on the wrist of the wearer. He explains it’s really collectable because the hand near the 6 is actually pointing to the number below, the 17, meaning the watch tells the day, date and month.

Other choices in his fantasy collection would be one of these two:

Xupes pre-owned watches Bentley Xupes pre-owned Breitling

After seeing these choices, it would appear he’s very keen on a chronograph!

I’m especially impressed by the pre-owned handbag section of the site. It makes it a little easier to grow your designer handbag collection when you can save so much by going for nearly new. My handbag lust list includes any black vintage Chanel or a Hermès (I challenge you do find someone who doesn’t want to own a Hermès).

What I like about the site is that multiple photos are used to showcase the condition of the item (which from what I’ve seen, is always excellent). It’s not just limited to watches and bags either; jewellery, antiques and fine art is also for sale

Xupes is a great place to source your luxury items and when dealing with high-end, value tends to be retained. The appealing thing about timepieces is that they are natural heirlooms, the sort of thing that gets passed from father to son and continues down the generations in the same way.

My overall impression is that if you want to grow your collection of luxury goods, Xupes will always strive to offer a fantastic deal.



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