Plus Size Party Tops – A Review Featuring Simply Be

I’ve made no secret of the fact I love shopping. I love it so much I’ve been making wishlists for when my student loan comes through (7 days and counting!). So when Simply Be got in touch to offer me a couple of party tops in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance!

I know as much as anyone what a minefield shopping for fancy tops can be when you’re, err, shall we say blessed with a chest. It can make you pretty apprehensive about buying online, without the opportunity to try on first. I’ve shopped with Simply Be before so I know the sizes are as expected, no need to size up, and if the descriptions says ‘stretchy’ I can rely on that being true.

The next question that pops into my mind when I’m browsing is ‘what will look good on me?’ 

We’re told so often how to dress by the media. “Don’t go for a high neck if you’ve got big boobs/ sheer clothing isn’t flattering/ avoid bold prints”

Pfft. Wrong!

These people don’t know what they’re talking about, if they think that then they don’t know how to style these things right!

I’ve broken the rules and gone for items with all these features, and do you know what? I think I look pretty good!


plus size party tops
Contrast Tie Ruffle blouse

This top is both high neck and sheer. I’m wearing a basic nude cami underneath but if you had a nice bra, you wouldn’t necessarily need to (I, however don’t have any bras fancy enough). I’ve teamed it with black skinny jeans and plain black suede effect court shoes for an understated classy look but you could team it with a black skater skirt and sparkly heels for extra pizzazz.

It has a long bow feature at the back which is a really cute design as well as ruffles at the front spanning from the neckline to the underarm area.

It’s light and airy which makes it perfect for this weather and can effortlessly take you from barbecue-chic to night-on-the-town trendy.

party tops

The next item I chose was a tunic style top. I love these because they can be worn as either a top or a dress. Again it’s a high necked item with a big, bold print.

party tops
High-Neck Jersey Print Babydoll Dress

I’ve chosen to wear this as a top (for reference, I’m 5 foot 9) so I styled it with some plain black leggings and some chunky heeled brogues to complement the 70’s vibe the tunic is giving off!

The wind was blowing so be aware the skirt doesn’t flare as much as that naturally.

I love the print, I’ve got a bit of a thing for bright and bold prints on my clothes. The item description says it’s stretchy and it definitely is. The fabric feels nice quality and isn’t too thin like some stretchy clothing can be.

Plus size party tops

Because the colours are bright and fun I think it could be worn in any season (even though this picture looks magically autumnal) and despite the fabric being stretchy, the tunic style dress doesn’t cling, there’s a definite freedom of movement.

The whole range is lovely and I’m delighted with the clothes I’ve featured in this post. I’m also happy I ignored advice I’d seen in the media about how to dress, I feel like I’m really owning the high neck look and I’ve finally found my style!


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6 thoughts on “Plus Size Party Tops – A Review Featuring Simply Be

  1. As if I could dig you any more! Love these picks on you–and I concur in regards to breaking the fashion no-nos. I’ve never been “blessed in the chest” but when I was pregnant, I found it super hard to find tops that looked remotely decent while not being too revealing. You’ve achieved both and more here. That seventies vibe suits you as well!! Cheers to shopping!! Xx, Lace

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