Our Plans for the Next Six Months

Who needs new year’s resolutions when you can have mid-year plans? Not me! Our life is set to change a bit over the next few months, so I thought it was about time I wrote something personal. This isn’t a pregnancy announcement (before you read all the way to the bottom and get disappointed) but maybe there’ll be one to come in the next year or so!

So here are our plans for the next six months

I’m getting married in November. I keep talking about it because it’s exciting, isn’t it? I’ve got my dress, I’ve ordered my bridesmaid dresses and the invitations are on their way to me (I know, I left it quite late). So I’m getting ready to start my life as a ‘Mrs’.

Our Plans for the Next Six Months

We have plans to buy me a better car around January time. I currently have a 13-year-old car and it doesn’t even have isofix fittings for the car seats! It’s also pretty tiny and has barely any boot space. I often have to put my shopping in the passenger seat. Not ideal when I’m shopping for a family of four!

Another change is that my degree is coming to an end. Originally I had wanted to transfer to an integrated masters programme, so that I’d be at uni for four years instead of three, and walk away with a masters degree instead of a bachelors. Unfortunately, that course doesn’t have the numbers to run, so I’m graduating a year earlier than I had planned. Normally I’d be disappointed, but this means we can maybe start trying for a baby after the wedding, which would be awesome!

Our Plans for the Next Six Months

Nothing is set in stone yet, so don’t get too excited! I may still do an extra year and get a masters anyway, or I may even try and get into lecturing yet. All plans are up in the air, but I’ve been wanting another baby since Greg turned into a toddler. I’m super broody, and I already know that I want this beautiful crib in the picture above. I’d love a gorgeous new nursery (this isn’t the only reason I want a baby, it’s just a bonus!). I think we’d need the new car first, before we get the baby so we actually have room for it!

Little Greggles is starting nursery in a couple of weeks. He seems so old now! I think it’s lovely that he’s going to get chance to mix with more kids and play with different toys to the ones he’s got at home. He’ll only be going one morning a week so I can get my blog work and uni work done as I’m guessing I won’t be able to rely on his day sleep soon enough.

Our Plans for the Next Six Months

I realise this doesn’t seem like big news to most, but we have big plans to get a much better bed. Our bed has seemed small for a double since the day we got it. We chose a mattress that is designed so it doesn’t need turning or flipping, which would be great except now we’re a few years in, it has dents in it that are all kinds of uncomfortable.

We’ve fallen victim to those Facebook ads and now want one of those posh mattresses. I think we were looking at one by Leesa but there seems to be a trend for this type of mattress now so we might be able to get something similar for less. Ideally we want to get a king size bed rather than just replacing the mattress, but it depends on how much money we’ve got and how bad our current mattress gets! Ideally we need to getting some good sleeps before we consider adding a baby into the mix!

Some of my plans may seem a little mundane, but they all seem to interweaving with marriage and babies. Maybe that’s what’s making them all seem so exciting to me? Either way, we’ve got a lot of possible changes on the horizon (money permitting) and I can’t wait to start my new life as ‘Mrs’.

I’d like to be a well-rested Mrs, so if anyone has any mattress/bed recommendations, hit me up!


4 thoughts on “Our Plans for the Next Six Months

  1. So many exciting plans to look forward to! Can’t believe how quickly the wedding has come around, I might need your advice next year as I think we will be planning a very, very quick wedding too. Although, not exactly official yet…haha! #RVHT

  2. Hey Jenny, that’s all super exciting. Good luck with the wedding planning, I loved planning mine! As for mattresses, we have a memory foam one and it is sooo comfy though some people find those too hot. I can also recommend king or super king, if you have the space! #RVHT

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