Pie, Primark and Pavement Art: An Uncultured Visit to the ‘City of Culture’

I love Hull, it’s one of my favourite destinations for a day out. Accidental Hipster Dad is far less enamoured because he works in Hull, but I’m sure he still feels the magic.

We had an afternoon free on Saturday so decided to go, mainly because we’d been craving a pie from an amazing shop called ‘Pie’ for about a year. Also, I wanted a look in ‘the big Primark’, which you will only understand if you live in Grimsby or its surrounding areas.

We parked near the old fruit market (which is a really lovely part of town) where local boxer Tommy Coyle was kind of blocking our way. He was sorting out strapping a child in the back of the car so we were patient and a little bit star struck (or I was anyway, Accidental Hipster Dad interned at Boxing News so was unfazed).

He gave us a wave that indicated he recognised that we recognised him, but as he drove off we had catch his attention because his back passenger door wasn’t quite shut properly and I fear he may have briefly thought we were crazed super fans. We didn’t think it appropriate to get a photo with him.

The fruit market is having a bit of a revamp, and I was quite enjoying the walls nearby.

The buildings are all pretty cool looking too.

Thieving Harry's

I even found one that matched my clothes!

velvet dress

We were in Hull mainly for the pie, so we had a bit of time to have a little look around. The marina is really beautiful.

Hull Fruit Market

It was really good weather, so I had chance to get a few pretty snaps. I particularly like this little bike and I think the fact that no one has stolen it shows just how classy Hull is!

Hull marina

While I was there I had chance to decide on what sort of boat I’ll own when I’m rich enough to be a boat owner.

hull marina
I’d like this boat please!

We knew from Google maps that Pie was about 3 miles from the car, but after an aimless 40 minute wander we embarked on what seemed like the never ending journey to find lunch. I kept seeing loads of chalk pavement art as well as messages about going vegan. Some were quite religious looking but I don’t know if they were all linked.



I was starving and the walk was almost entirely unbearable, the only thing that kept me going was the promise of a pie from Pie.

My spiritual home

I would have taken a photo of the (now famous) pie but I was just so hungry I wouldn’t have survived the extra minute it would take to capture its beauty.

We ended up doing a bit of a cafe crawl and a bit further up the road we stopped for coffee and a cake at Lydia’s because Rob had heard they do vegan cake (he was vegan before we set off, it wasn’t the graffiti that swayed him).

We needed to find a cafe anyway as Greg was getting fed up of not flirting with waitresses. Earlier in the day we’d bought him some shoes, he’d fallen in love with the girl fitting them and hadn’t quite forgiven us for dragging him away from his ‘sole-mate’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Lydia’s was beautifully decorated and the plates and cups were lovely too!

I wish this is what my lounge looked like and not just because of all the cake!

Look at my cute order!


Despite having already walked at least 4 miles, I still wanted to go to Primark so we had another trek of about an hour to get there. It was surprisingly busy for late afternoon and I wasn’t feeling it so for what must have been the first time ever, I left Primark empty handed. This probably means I’ll have to go to Hull again very soon.

After the final mile back to the car we were exhausted and ready for home. We visited the City of Culture, ignored anything cultured or related to Philip Larkin, ate a pie then just went home.

We pretty much drove 35 ish miles each way and conquered an 8 mile round trip on foot just to go to Pie. It was totally worth it.


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6 thoughts on “Pie, Primark and Pavement Art: An Uncultured Visit to the ‘City of Culture’

  1. Noooo I was waiting for a picture of the pie! Sometimes going on a simple adventure like this is what makes it worth it. I love that tug boat and the grafitti in the area. Never been to Hull before. Maybe I’ll make it one day, I heard the pies were good! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun.

  2. Wow you really have painted Hull in a totally different light for me. I have never been although did consider it as a uni choice many years ago, but being from Bristol it seemed like a very long way. I must say though you have really opened my eyes and it definitely looks worth a visit. Thanks for linking up with us a #familyfun xx

  3. Bloody love Pie. And cake. I was a bit sad to see how small your cake was, but maybe the pie was so prolific that you only needed a medium sized cupcake. Your photos are gorgeous and I would totally hit up Hull with you any time you like. Thanks for linking to #Chucklemums!

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