How to pick the perfect honeymoon destination

Okay, I know I keep talking about it, but my wedding is FAST approaching, and I’m getting pretty excited about the big day. However, one thing I haven’t really thought about is the honeymoon. Where do we choose? How do we afford it? Who’s going to look after my kids? Can we take them with us? There are too many questions to answer. Well, I’ll start with the hardest first – how to pick the perfect honeymoon destination.

Look at your budget

Unfortunately, nothing is free in this world – which means newlyweds have to shell out a small fortune to go on the honeymoon of their dreams. One of the most important aspects of choosing your honeymoon destination is to decide how much money you can realistically put towards your trip. If you’re short on cash, maybe a short break away in the UK or a short-haul trip to Europe would suffice. After all, mini-moons are all the rage right now. If you have a bit more cash to splash, you can afford to take your honeymoon further afield. If you have a dream destination in mind but know you can’t afford it on your own, you could take advantage of a honeymoon registry. This is a relatively new concept that allows you to add aspects of your honeymoon to a registry, like your flights, your accommodation, your meals and your activities. Then, instead of buying you useless crockery you’ll never use, your wedding guests can contribute to your perfect honeymoon. After researching the best honeymoon registries on offer, I’ve chosen the one for my honeymoon –

Determine how long you want to go for

Another question you have to ask yourself is how long you want to go on your honeymoon for. Most of us dream of going on an endless honeymoon with the loves of our life. Unfortunately, with work commitments and children to look after, this just isn’t possible for ANYONE. Instead, you have to decide whether one week, two weeks, three weeks, or just a few days is best for you. The choice is completely yours and normally depends on where you want to go. If you want to go further afield, it makes sense to go for longer, as you’ll need to cater in travelling time.


Decide when you want to go

So, the next question – when do you want to go on your honeymoon? Every single couple is completely different. Many will choose to go on their honeymoon straight after their wedding day, while others will choose to save up for a bit and go in a different season. The seasons are a huge part in choosing your honeymoon destination because you need to know what you’re signing up for. For example, if you want to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, you’ll need to go in the Winter… going in the Summer just won’t give you that same experience. So you need to decide whether you want heat, whether you want something bearable or whether you fancy taking yourself off to a cold country. If you have a destination in mind, it’s best to research the year-long temperatures of the country and see which season fits you best.

Make sure you really know what you want from your honeymoon

As an Accidental Hipster, I accidentally find myself going against the norm. Thankfully, the world of honeymooning is making way for accidental hipsters like myself. Although many newlyweds are still going on the traditional beach honeymoon to Barbados or Bali, the tradition is slowly dying out. Nowadays, more and more newlyweds are choosing to go on backpacking adventures, island hopping trips, or adrenaline-fuelled holidays. The big decision you need to make here is what you REALLY want from your honeymoon. Do you want to simply relax on a beach? Do you want to explore new destinations? Do you want to fill your honeymoon with fun and exciting activities?

Picking a honeymoon destination is not easy, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience – it should be fun! Think about the desired duration, the date, the price, the weather, and what you want from this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Then you’ll be laughing…


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