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Personalised Birthday Wrapping Paper with Dom and Geri

Little Greggles has a birthday coming up. He’ll be three next month and he’s just beginning to understand the concept of such things. Now that he seems to follow the gist of a birthday, I need to make extra sure I get it just right.

Dom and Geri sent me some awesome personalised wrapping paper to make Greg’s birthday extra special. I love anything personalised at the best of times, but when I know Greg will go wild for it, it’s so much better! Greg gets a real kick out of pointing himself out in photos, so I know he’s going to feel ultra special when he clocks his own face on his presents.

How do you personalise your wrapping paper?

Personalised Birthday Wrapping Paper

It’s honestly super easy. Head over to and select the paper you want to customise. From there you can upload a photo from either your computer or Facebook. If your design has text, you can customise that too! So Simple! Just select the size and put the order through.

What I thought of the personalised birthday wrapping paper.

I love it! I received a 1 metre roll and some tags. Loads of sizes are available, you can even get 7 metres of the wrapping paper!

Personalised Birthday Wrapping Paper

The quality of the paper is really good. It doesn’t tear easily because it’s strong and thick, but not so thick that it makes the wrapping difficult. The image quality is excellent, I love the way Greg looks in his little star.

Personalised Birthday Wrapping Paper

The best thing is, Dom and Geri don’t only do personalised wrapping paper, they do banners, cards, and gifts too! I love this site! I’m going to be buying so many personalised Christmas presents now. I’d love to have all the presents under my Christmas tree wrapped in personalised paper for each member of the family!

I think it’s really cool what you can have personalised these days and I probably wouldn’t have even considered personalising wrapping paper a year or two ago. From now on, I feel like I want everything I get to have either my name or my face on!


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  1. Now thats a great idea, I think they need to advertise it more as I am always looking for things like this and its never come up in search

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