Perfect Glasses – A Review by a Dispensing Optician

I’m a bit of a specs enthusiast (I was a dispensing optician prior to blogging life), so when asked me if I’d like some of their sunglasses to review, I jumped at the chance!

Accidental Hipster Mum

I used to buy around 4 pairs of glasses a year because I loved keeping on top of the trend, but then I had laser eye surgery and had to find a new outlet for my obsession. Luckily, sunglasses exist and I use them all year round so I wasn’t at a loss for long.

I went for this gorgeous style by Opium. The sunglasses I chose are without prescription because I don’t need one, but you can also purchase prescription sunglasses from Perfect Glasses.

Perfect Glasses

The service was amazing, the glasses came the very next day, which surprised me so much I didn’t even know what it could be when the postie came!

The specs were well packaged and arrived in a cushioned envelope. The case also had added foam protection that I removed, meaning they travelled well. I’ve never bought glasses online before, so packaging was a big deal for me, I wanted to be sure they’d arrive safely. I was very impressed.

Perfect Glasses

I already had an idea of how the sunglasses would fit because I’d chosen carefully and looked at sizing. They’re true to the measurements listed and feel really comfortable to wear. What I like best about them is that the tint is graduated (darker at the top, lighter at the bottom), which means I can read my phone a bit easier on a sunny day.

I prefer the way a graduated tint looks too because they never go out of style!

The sunglasses themselves are really good quality. They feel sturdy and strong and like I wouldn’t break them if I stuck them on my head (which is something everyone who works in an opticians will tell you not to do, but then do it themselves anyway!).

Perfect Glasses

I must admit I was spoilt for choice! I couldn’t believe the range of women’s glasses and designer glasses! I don’t think you’d have as much choice available if you went to a high street optician, even if it were a big branch!

The site is really easy to navigate, even if you’re not quite sure of what you’re looking for. There’s a handy tab along the top to help you narrow it down to size, shape, material, frame type, colour and lens type, as well as a price sorter to allow you to see the cheapest/most expensive first.

The price is another selling point for me. The site advertises that you can get a complete pair of glasses for just £9! The low price doesn’t mean lower quality either. Glasses in shops are sold at a huge mark-up to account for the optician’s wages, heating, lighting, computer systems, and everything that goes into your eye test. Online shops don’t have any of those overheads, meaning they can keep the cost of production low and pass those savings onto you, the customer. Fab news, right?

Perfect Glasses

How to choose the perfect glasses when buying online

Since I’ve got some expertise in the area, I thought I’d provide a little guide to help you choose your perfect glasses, for the next time you purchase online.

Be aware of the different styles available

Perfect Glasses helpfully categorised the styles into full-rimmed, semi-rimmed and rimless, which are pretty self explanatory. If you have a high prescription, I’d always plump for a full-rimmed design because thicker lenses always look better with this style of frame.

Think about your face-shape

A lot of people expect there to be a rule about certain face shapes needing certain styles but, truthfully there isn’t! You can go for whatever you like. There’s a couple of points to consider though: to soften a square jaw, go for frames that aren’t excessively angular. If your face is rounded, consider a frame that’s a littler wider across your temples, that creates the illusion of a more oval/ heart shaped face. The most important thing is to just go for what you like – you’re the one who’ll be wearing them!

Be mindful of size

Perfect Glasses displays all of the frame sizes in millimetres, so you know exactly what you are getting. If you’re particularly petite and you’ve owned glasses that have fitted well, measure how wide they were by laying them face down over the centimetre bit on a ruler (don’t forget to covert to millimetres to compare). This will help you avoid getting something too big.

Happy shopping for those perfect glasses!

Perfect Glasses


6 thoughts on “Perfect Glasses – A Review by a Dispensing Optician

  1. I’m so bad at breaking glasses, so I try to never spend too much money on them! I’m just off to check out this site now!! Great review #RV&HT

  2. Aha, brilliant. I wear glasses and have just spent a fortune on a new pair. I reasoned that I wear them everyday so are my most important accessory. I now need to buy some new Sun glasses. I won’t bother with prescription glasses. I can wear contacts when I’m not in front of a computer screen. I will take a look. Thanks for the review. Pen x #RV&HT

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