What Does Voting Mean to You?

This morning we awoke to news that can’t have made anyone happy; whichever way they voted. A hung parliament means another government situation that nobody actually asked for. Political beliefs aside, the turnout yesterday was pretty awesome. Normally my generation is known for its apathy; low turnouts are expected and accepted. Yesterday the tides turned… Read More What Does Voting Mean to You?


Wingz – A Review

I love summer fashion, but I hate having to bear my upper arms. It had always been a bit of a pain for me because all the dresses I like are sleeveless; so when Wingz contacted me to see if I’d like to freshen my wardrobe with some summer sleeves I was thrilled! The concept… Read More Wingz – A Review


I Started Getting my Eyebrows Threaded and Stopped Taking my Anti-Depressants

It seems unfair that I should have to take anti-depressants just because there’s loads of morons out there… … Is exactly what someone with a mental illness might say. I started taking anti-depressants again a little while ago, when I wasn’t coping so well and my thoughts were along the lines of the above sentence.… Read More I Started Getting my Eyebrows Threaded and Stopped Taking my Anti-Depressants


Tween Girl Summer Style

I’m happy to admit that I’m not particularly materialistic when it comes to dressing my daughter. I truly believe she looks gorgeous in anything she wears. My mini fashionista however, has some very clear ideas about what she’d like to wear. I’m sure you all think like I do, and your little cherub could wear… Read More Tween Girl Summer Style


Fidget Spinner Giveaway!

Fidget spinners have taken over my daughter’s school and she claims she is the only one without one! Luckily, I’m being sent one (review to follow, guys), to help promote this fab Fidget Spinner Giveaway! Head on over to Simply Eliquid and all you have to do is fill in your email address and you’ll… Read More Fidget Spinner Giveaway!