Irish Weddings

Irish weddings

Ever since my friend married her Irish Beau I have been obsessed with how beautiful her Irish wedding was. With my fiancé being a bit Irish (his granddad was Irish, and he’s always been interested in his lineage) we have considered outright copying my friend and getting married over there. The photos alone made it … [Read more…]

Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

Getting Yourself Wedding Ready

I’ve been engaged for a little over a year and we’ve promised ourselves we’ll book our big day soon. As the bride in this coupling, I’m aware I’ve got a lot of planning ahead of me. Hours of perusing Pinterest has confirmed that everything needs to be perfect and I have to start organising immediately. … [Read more…]

Escaping the January Blues

Escape the January Blues

For most people the ‘January blues’ spill over into the portion of February that comes before Pancake Day (Pancake Day is a massive source of joy, obvs). I’m sure payday has briefly alleviated your post-Christmas depression, but I expect even that was short lived as the funds rapidly exited your bank account. I was recently … [Read more…]