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The 6 Types of Women Who Make it Harder for Women Who Work

Women have always struggled with rights, credibility and getting themselves heard. Although women can adequately do the same jobs as men, there are frequent discussions of pay gaps and being passed over for promotion. Often men are blamed for this, but there are times that other women really don’t help your case. Now is time… Read More The 6 Types of Women Who Make it Harder for Women Who Work


A Blog Round-Up

I had grand intentions of doing a post like this at the end of every month. Since it’s the middle of March and neither here nor there, I can’t claim there’s any theme to this in any way. This post is purely to share with you what I’ve been enjoying in the blogosphere lately. In… Read More A Blog Round-Up


Students do it Best

Being a student is great. You get loads of free time, a loan you don’t have to pay back for ages, and discounts almost everywhere you go. Let’s talk about discounts for a second. 4YOUBYYOU is a business created by a student for other students. It even has discount codes for specific universities (but you don’t actually… Read More Students do it Best


The Study Notebook

Calling all stationery addicts! There is a new notebook on the market to help keep your work super cute and super organised. In 2015 indie stationer Becky turned an innovative idea into small enterprise that aids fellow students with their studies. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to send me a complimentary one… Read More The Study Notebook