Emotional Attachment

An opportunity has arisen for our little family to move into a much bigger house at a really great price. We would be stupid to say no, but we still have a few minor things to consider. We love and hate our current house. It’s quite big but the layout is odd, meaning we have… Read More Emotional Attachment


New Year’s Greetings

A new year is always the cause of much reflection amongst the general population. Even those who shun the resolutions admit to not following them in previous years (that’s reflection, you know, whatever you say!). I love reading the resolutions of others, but then again, I’m nosey. I’m aware that not everyone is like me,… Read More New Year’s Greetings


It’s My Birthday

I’m 29 today (I know, shocking, right?). With is being New Year’s Eve and my last year of being under 30, I feel like I should be making some resolutions of sorts. Making and keeping promises to myself hasn’t gone too well for me in the past; I’m lazy and easily distracted. As I reach… Read More It’s My Birthday

Family, Weight Watchers Cooking

Home Made Fishcake and Chips for 10 Weight Watchers Smart Points

This blog should really be called ‘Occasional Weight Watchers Recipes for Skint, Lazy People’. Anyway, here’s another recipe: *Disclaimer* This is my recipe in the terms of I just threw it together without consulting a book and recorded what I did. I don’t know if there is anything similar out there and the peas are… Read More Home Made Fishcake and Chips for 10 Weight Watchers Smart Points


A Big Announcement

On Christmas Eve my lovely boyfriend proposed and I said yes. I’m engaged! Here’s the ring, it’s so beautiful and just what I wanted. I have quite bad eczma so ignore how my hands look, I’ve put a filter on the photo to conceal my scabby skin. So now I have to follow Weight Watchers… Read More A Big Announcement