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Saucy Mediterranean Mussels (Without Shells) for 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points

*DISCLAIMER* Cooking seafood from frozen can be risky, so take care, make sure everything is cooked thoroughly as I will not be held accountable for and upset stomachs! This is only an account of what I did, you should do whatever you think is best. Now that the boring stuff is out the way, let’s… Read More Saucy Mediterranean Mussels (Without Shells) for 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points

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Getting a Bridal Body

I’ve been engaged for  few months now, but haven’t got round to booking my wedding. This is partly because me and the fiancé are pretty terrible procrastinators but partly because of my weight. I know there’s all this body positivity about, with inspiring quotes like “there’s no wrong way to have a body” and for… Read More Getting a Bridal Body


Dementia Awareness

Dementia Awareness Week is upon us, but awareness itself is still lacking; it’s estimated that around 400,000 people in the UK suffer from the condition without even realising it. The Alzheimer’s Society are trying to increase awareness in order to help people recognise the early signs in themselves and family members. It can be an… Read More Dementia Awareness

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Fat Girl, Swim

There’s a certain vulnerability that comes with being in a public place with only some thin, stretchy fabric covering your modesty. That vulnerability triples (at the very least) when you’re not happy with the way your body looks. I am overweight. One way to stop being overweight is to exercise. I hate the way I… Read More Fat Girl, Swim