Students do it Best

Being a student is great. You get loads of free time, a loan you don’t have to pay back for ages, and discounts almost everywhere you go. Let’s talk about discounts for a second. 4YOUBYYOU is a business created by a student for other students. It even has discount codes for specific universities (but you don’t actually… Read More Students do it Best


Pregnant? Urine Trouble!

  For the fifth time in about 20 minutes, I locked the door, turned on the tap and tried to ‘go’. Nothing happened. Nothing happened yet again. I was starting to panic, I really needed to wee but I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t come. I’d just had my twelve week scan so my bladder… Read More Pregnant? Urine Trouble!


The Study Notebook

Calling all stationery addicts! There is a new notebook on the market to help keep your work super cute and super organised. In 2015 indie stationer Becky turned an innovative idea into small enterprise that aids fellow students with their studies. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to send me a complimentary one… Read More The Study Notebook

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Turkey Chilli for 5 Weight Watchers Smart Points (Without Rice)

Here’s another meal idea for my fellow weight watchers. I’ll call it a ‘recipe’ but I’m using the term loosely because I’m a convenience chef, so I buy chopped veg and my flavouring is from a packet. Anyway, let’s crack on. You will need: Turkey mince 2% fat (this is important to keep the attractively… Read More Turkey Chilli for 5 Weight Watchers Smart Points (Without Rice)

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A Hairy Discussion

I’ve seen a lot on social media lately about women saying ‘goodbye’ to the razor and allowing their natural furriness to flow freely. Whilst I admire the sentiment (i.e. steps towards accepting yourself as you are, with feminist themes of not changing yourself for a man) I have to say, it’s not for me. I… Read More A Hairy Discussion

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How to Utilise Storage Space to Maximise Profit

If your business has grown into a successful, well-known brand, chances are it is beginning to outgrow its current storage space. Limited storage can lengthen the supply chain and cause the cost of sales to be unnecessarily high. The benefits of increasing your business’ storage capacity include: the option to purchase larger quantities of stock… Read More How to Utilise Storage Space to Maximise Profit