I love online bingo!

I was originally going to call this post “Online Bingo: My Secret Shame”, but that would have been silly. Bingo is awesome and everyone knows it!

I feel like I’m a bit of a stereotypical 30-year-old mum, sitting around in my leggings and playing online bingo, but my love for the, er… sport(?) started about 12 years ago. I remember being at my friend’s house the day after her auntie won big on the bingo and I was so impressed.

We looked up some online bingo reviews first, then set up an account. It might sound cautious that we Googled it first, but this was back in the days when online gambling was still pretty new. I’d be tempted to Google “online bingo review” even now, sometimes you can get some really good first time deposit deals (I sound like a seasoned pro, don’t I?).

It was my friend who got an account first and I remember sitting beside her for ages, taking in how it all works. It’s oddly satisfying, watching those balls drop in. Even when you don’t win it can be mega exciting!

Since then, I’ve been playing every now and then. I can transform a night in when I’m stuck, suffering as a Football Manager widow. I generally go for the cheap rooms, if there’s penny or 2p bingo then I’m there! I find if it’s a low priced room, I can afford more cards. The more cards you have, the sooner you get into the 3tg, 2tg and ever exciting 1tg realms (tg = ‘to go’, now you know the lingo too!). The last few moments of the game when you’re one ball away from winning are just too exiting. It’s even better if you actually win!

Have I given myself  away as a little bit of a geek now? (I’m almost certain I haven’t, because I’m pretty sure you’re going to either know how awesome online bingo is, or find out very soon).

So tell me, have you ever won big on the bingo? Do you sit around in your leggings playing before the school run, like I do? I want to here from you in the comments!

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