October Glossybox Unboxing + 15% Discount for my Readers

It’s Glossy day! When I get the knock at the door I bring the box in and give it a little shake (like Christmas presents under the tree) and put it out of the way until baby boy goes down for his name. Once he’s upstairs I pounce, delicately unwrap it, take the photos for the blog then spend the next hour playing with the contents. Glossy day is what gets me through the mid-month slump.

October Glossybox Unboxing
*worth over £47 based on the RRP of full-sized products.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription service that send you at least 5 products to try every month. All for £10 + P&P. What’s more, you can get it as a gift for someone else too. Perfect!

This month I can bring my readers the treat of 15% off any subscription plan (valid until 31st October, spooky!) keep reading for details.

Trifle Cosmetics – Lip Parfait

october glossybox unboxing

I just love the packaging! The colour is on the pinkish side of neutral and the smooth application slides on like butter. This is the perfect accompaniment to a natural look or will help your lips look subtly fabulous when you’ve done your eye make up to wow. It feel moisture rich and luxurious: a handbag must-have.

Bee Good – Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator

October Glossybox Unboxing

The best way to brighten your complexion when it starts to dull in the newly cooler season is give it a good buff. It’s hard to get an exfoliator that both sloughs off dead skin cells but also helps retain the moisture. There’s a fine line between leaving your skin fresh and leaving it overly dry . This environmentally friendly product contains honey collected from British bees which helps with the natural moisture levels in your skin. It feels gentle, is suitable for all skin types and contains no nasties. A bee-autiful find!

PS.. Pro – Longwear Lipliner

glossybox october unboxing

I’ve seen a few beauty bloggers on Facebook express their displeasure that this month’s box contains a Primark product. In my opinion, Primark have really stepped up their game in the last 18 months and I think their products are fab for the price and even comparable to Rimmel and other more common drugstore names. This lip liner has a felt tip nib for ease of application and the colour is what you’d expect from the plastic swatch on the end. It lasts well, doesn’t smudge and can be worn with other lip products or on it’s own for an express nude look when you’re in a rush. I can’t complain and I feel Primark should be given props where it’s due for their make up range. This colour also complements the lip parfait above, so it’s a versatile winner in my eyes.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics – Secret Flush, Soothing Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo

October glossybox unboxing

Another nude product, this time multipurpose and peachy in hue. It has a fruity frangrance and a hint of a shimmer. The application is smooth without being greasy and leaves a shimmery and light pigment stain. I’m very pale and this shade is perfect for my skin tone as it doesn’t look too heavy or thick. I like my make up to look dewy and barely there no matter how many layers I slather on, this complements my desired look but you only need a little bit.

Rituals – The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream

glossybox october unboxing

I’ve had Rituals products before. I generally keep them for my slightly more luxurious routines because I love the way they smell and feel. If I don’t have proper time to give to moisturising, I like to get it over quickly with a cheaper product. The range is inexpensive but it just feels that little bit more decadent. It gives your skin a silky coating and although it doesn’t sink in immediately, it doesn’t feel greasy. It’s very thick which I think helps contribute to the long-lasting feeling of moisture.

New Mystery Beauty Shampoo

October Glossybox unboxing
I can assure you, I’m as intrigued as you are! Glossybox have sent me a mystery shampoo and the big reveal will be later in the month on Estee Lalonde’s blog. It smells refreshing and sweet and although I’ve not had chance to use it (I have had my Glossybox all of an hour) I think I have an idea of what it is. With the emphasis on scalp care and the admission that the brand is already going strong but this version of it is the biggest breakthrough in ten years, my money’s on it being Head and Shoulders. If you got this too, tell me what you think!

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the discount code, then you shall be rewarded!

To get your 15% off, all you need to do is visit the Glossybox website and enter the code GLOSSY15 when prompted.

You can also read about what I got in August and September.

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