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My First Scalextric (Ages 3+) Review

Greggles has been a proud toy tester this week, when he was sent a My First Scalextric Set to review (available from Hornby Hobbies Limited). Just like his mum, he took his job very seriously and was eager to get stuck in! He couldn’t wait to get his hands on his first Scalextric cars (this boy is car mad).

My First Scalextric (Ages 3+) Review

He audibly gasped when he saw the box, I wish I’d have filmed it because he was so delighted before we’d even started! The box states the Scalextric track and cars are suitable for ages 3+, Greg is a few weeks away from turning 3 but we didn’t think that mattered much.

Greg was patient while I assembled the track (which took barely any time at all) and was ready to go for a spin!

My First Scalextric (Ages 3+) Review

The track fits together easily and feels very sturdy. There are some bits that you have to apply more pressure to before you get the secure ‘click’, but barely any effort was involved at all.

One thing I do love about the My First Scalextric set is that it’s mains powered, meaning I’ll save a fortune in batteries. I bet there’ll be a few sighs of relief on Christmas day for this very reason (loads of toys need batteries nowadays, I can’t be the only one constantly buying them?).

Once the track is set up and everything is plugged in and switched on, it’s as simple as putting the car on the track and pressing the trigger. Personally, I don’t think the trigger is particularly tough, but there is an option to loosen it for little fingers if needs be.

My First Scalextric (Ages 3+) Review

As you can see from the photo above, Accidental Hipster Dad was pretty thrilled with it too. I’m afraid you’ll have to ignore Greg’s face, as soon as anyone whips out a camera, his smile disappears. I assure you that much fun was had by all.

Another fab point to make is that this is the sort of toy that fits back in the box it came in. Hallelujah! How often can you say that, really? It’s so quick to assemble, and even easier to disassemble and pack away. This means it can be kept in the toy cupboard and whipped out to entertain at a moment’s notice!

Greg has been asking to play with the ‘racing’ every day since we received the My First Scalextric. He loves it, his Dad loves it and I love how low maintenance it is. If you’re considering getting it as a Christmas present for a special little man in your life, I promise it’ll go down a treat with parent and child alike!


*We were sent this My First Scalextric car set in return for an honest review. We honestly loved it!

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