McDonald’s #HappyReaders

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McDonald’s launched their #HappyReaders campaign on the 13th September and it’s going down a storm! The books will be available with Happy Meals for five weeks from the launch date.

We were very kindly sent a collection of the books (excerpts of Roald Dahl’s much-loved children’s stories) to enjoy as part of our reading routine.

McDonald’s #HappyReaders

My daughter is 8 and already a Roald Dahl fan, so she was thrilled to see the launch of this exclusive range. In fact, she could hardly contain herself when I showed her the books. She let out a gasp of excitement and began to read immediately.

Thanks to Emma’s school read-along, she’s familiar with (and fond of) Matilda and has a huge soft spot for Miss Honey too. She went straight for the ‘Marvellous Miss Honey’ and was delighted to find the book contained stickers, puzzles and a bookmark.

McDonald’s #HappyReaders

All of the books have beautiful colour illustrations by the iconic Quentin Blake. I’d have loved to receive any of these when I was a child. My daughter must have inherited my bookworm gene because she too, is totally in love with them.

These are the stories of my youth and it fills me with a lovely warm sense of joy knowing children still love them today. I think it’s a fantastic idea from McDonald’s. This campaign is sure to do an excellent job of increasing book ownership amongst children; igniting their love for reading along the way.

How can you fail to fall in love with Roald Dahl’s fantastical characters? The BFG is such a sweetheart, I’d love a Big Friendly Giant to befriend me!

McDonald’s #HappyReaders

Emma suggested McDonald’s should replace their gherkins for Snozzcumbers and maybe offer some Frobscottle as a drink option with your Happy Meal. Personally, I think it’s unwise, the McDonald’s near me has quite low ceilings, there simply wouldn’t be enough room for all the giants it would attract!

It also looks like Peter Andre is a fan of the campaign too. There’s a fab video of him on Facebook. He’s filmed in a McDonald’s with his children, eating Happy Meals and talking about the books. It’s so funny, you’ll have to check it out (you’ll love it, I promise)!

This series of books will invite you for a pleasant stroll down memory lane and help you introduce your children to the books you loved when you were their age.

In the advent of tablets and other electronic devices, book ownership amongst children has massively decreased in recent years. This campaign will put books in the hands of children who might not have owned one otherwise. You can’t beat the feel of a book in your hand. A book with illustrations is especially pleasant to dip into and revisit your favourite parts.

I’m glad that Roald Dahl’s wonderful imagination lives on for another generation. My children love him, I imagine my grandchildren will too. His stories are timeless and I expect his loveable (and sometimes terrifying!) characters will lure children into a lifetime of reading for years to come.

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