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How to make your bathroom look more luxurious

Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate. Creating a fully-functioning and leak-free bathroom can sometimes seem like a feat in itself, but often the practical demands of achieving something that works can lead to rather plain design.

However, just one addition could change the whole look of your wash space – and here we’ll have a look at some simple ideas that can make all the difference! Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful wash space!

Take a look at your suite

Avocado or lime green suites, furry toilet seat covers and sad looking shower curtains should be left in the past…it doesn’t have to cost the Earth, but you could invest in some new fittings for your bathroom. Some taps, a new shower screen or a new sink could give your bathroom the boost it needs. You can find loads of inspiration at betterbathrooms.com.

Shine some light on the matter!

If your idea of luxury involves a more minimalist approach, you may want to involve some hidden lighting. Recessed shelving is an ideal place to secrete an LED strip, which creates a glowing wall lamp without any bulbs on display. The effect is subtle yet stylish.

And nothing elevates the tone of a bathroom like a glittering chandelier. Sparkling crystals that send light bouncing around the room are a brilliant way to bring in some glamour.

Never overlook period features!
Don’t be tempted to throw out period features in your quest for a sleek, modern bathroom. Instead, work with these elements to create something altogether more unique and classic.

Go for gold!
Consider taking a step away from chrome for your fixtures and fittings. More bathroom suppliers are offering gold, brass or copper alternatives for taps and showers. These warmer-looking metals seem less clinical and add a luxurious lustre to a space.

Swapping a regular mirror for one with an attractive frame can instantly upgrade a room. The simple yet elegant design of this mirror gives a more considered look to the bathroom.

Take a load off

Space to sit in a bathroom can be a wondrous thing – you can dress without hopping around, or sit back and chat to your partner as they bathe. We tend to think of upholstered furniture in a potentially damp environment as rather incongruous or even unwise, but don’t dismiss the idea out of hand. Ample ventilation in the room and suitable fabrics could make an armchair a possibility.

If space is tight, consider whether a neat wooden bench or stool might fit in instead. Alternatively, a window seat makes an excellent perch.

Picture this

Ever considered this? A simply decorated bathroom can look very refined, and sometimes less really is more. However, just one feature can take a room from simple to chic – and hanging some beautiful art on the wall is a great way to do it.

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