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Low Cost Phone Calls with Contact Number UK

As a sole trader there are times I need to phone HMRC. I’m really scatty so my note keeping is generally appalling and I can never find the right number to ring. I also want the cheapest phone number to ring the HMRC on, if you end up getting through to the wrong department, it can be a waste of  money as well as time.

Luckily, Contact Number UK have collated loads of the best numbers to contact companies on and HMRC is one of them.

The best thing about the service is that this number provides a relatively quick answer time, compared to other, better advertised numbers.

Contact Numbers UK is a nifty little site, the HMRC number is just an example of something I needed recently, they also disclose the low call cost number of other companies too (including utilities companies and other government numbers).

The site was born from its owners becoming frustrated with how difficult it is to speak to an actual person when they ring certain numbers. I, for one, completely relate!

So if you’re looking to chat to your energy provider, or need to get through to your insurance without the wait then you should definitely check these guys out. These are the promises they are making to their users.

Convenience. Many different companies don’t want you to easily find their phone number, as they’d prefer you contact them via email instead. There’s no need to search high and low for a contact number anymore though, as you’ll be able to find the contact number you need right here at Contact Number UK.

Low Cost. You might think that we are going to have the highest priced numbers possible, however that certainly isn’t the case. This is because we’ve made sure that all of the numbers at Contact Number UK are low cost, so you won’t have to worry about your phone bill going up too much when you’re on the phone.

Effective. What exactly do we mean by “effective”? Well, we mean that you’ll be able to use the numbers found on this site to get through to pretty much any department you need to. So, whether you need customer service, technical support or the complaints department, you can get through using the company’s number found on this site.”



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