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Love the Skin You’re In

Your skin is a big part of your natural beauty. When you look in the mirror, you want to see skin and a complexion that is clean, clear and stunning. That means you don’t want spots all over the place, other blemishes, clogged pores or even wrinkles. You want your skin to look gorgeous, smooth, youthful and vibrant. There are a lot of ways to damage your skin, but we’ve got some great advice if you want to keep it looking picture perfect and ensure that you love the skin you’re in.

Use Natural Mineral Makeup

Love The Skin You're In

Some people think that to stop damaging your skin and reduce aging completely you should never use makeup. Don’t buy into this idea because it’s nonsense. Not all makeup is bad for your skin, you just need to be careful of the types you’re using. You should be looking to use natural mineral makeup. As the name suggests, these types of makeup are made up of natural substances. As such, they are not damaging to your skin. You can check out a site such as to find out about some of the best mineral makeups on the market. Although, by far the greatest advantage of these makeups has nothing to do with how they’ll make your skin look and all to do with the fact you can go to bed wearing them. Your prayers have been answered!

Stay Out Of The Sun

Love The Skin You're In

We love getting golden skin when the sun is out. In fact, it’s one of the first thoughts that pops into our head on a sunny day: must go sunbathing. But it’s important to realize that the sun’s rays will age your skin. If you want your skin to stay young and youthful, it’s better to stay out of it. Or, if you are intent on getting that golden bronze color for your skin do make sure that you are using suntan lotion. This will give you some protection, and yes, it is possible to still tan with it on. Just ask Garnier.

Steam It Out

Love The Skin You're In

Do you have clogged up pores? Perhaps you have a few milia underneath your eyes. If that’s the case, you should think about taking a steam every now and then. Steam treatments are a brilliant way to ensure that you get rid of any blemishes on your face. Steam actually melts milia meaning that leaving your skin without any pain or issue. Without a treatment like this surgery is the only way to remove this annoying face blemish. If you don’t have a sauna in your home, try putting a towel over your head and holding it over boiling water. This does work, just be careful not to slip. You can find more about getting rid of milia for good on

Watch Your Diet

Love The Skin You're In

Last but not least, if you want beautiful skin you do need to watch your diet. You probably already know the impact sugar has on your skin, but you should also think about the foods that can improve your skin. For instance, eating celery can actually help rid you of the bags underneath your eyes. You’ll never look exhausted after a night out if you add this sour veg to your diet.

I hope you love using these tips to keep your skin beautiful and get the complexion you always dreamed of.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been having facials lately that use only natural products. My beautician says chemical facials are a bit too harsh. Having said that, I still do at home chemical peels too, but I imagine their strength is nothing like getting it done at a salon!

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