Learning How To Be Fashionable

Fashion may be something that people can study in specialist schools, but it’s a common mistake people make to say that an understanding of what looks good in fashion is something which must be learned. It’s only the ability to trust your instincts which must be learned when it comes to fashion.

When you see a beautiful painting, you tell people that you think it looks beautiful. You didn’t need to learn that. It’s much the same with fashion, but confidence is probably the thing holding you back. Here are some pieces of advice which might help you “learn” how to be fashionable in the sense that you trust your opinion above the opinions of anyone else.

Size doesn’t matter.

It’s easy to feel disheartened by slim dresses on skinny girls if your size doesn’t quite match the model in the picture, but size has nothing to do with fashion. You shouldn’t feel deterred from trying out a certain outfit or style because you associate with people of a different size to you. Fashion doesn’t discriminate. Size doesn’t matter. Clothes just look good on people, and the key is to find outfits which fit you. Shapely clothes are the most flattering, and you just need to find the confidence to wear them. Wearing clothes that you find ugly or uninspiring doesn’t mean you’re not fashionable; it means you’ve been scared to be fashionable in the past. Bravery is the first step towards a new you.

Don’t follow fad trends.

It’s so tempting to get swept up by the designer world and what people tell you is “in” right now, but that’s an expensive and time-wasting road to go down. What’s fashionable today isn’t fashionable tomorrow; you should be opting for outfits which always look good. They might not be in top summer Lookbooks, but we’re talking about the skirts and cute blouses worn by people passing you on the street which always look good. You could check out some Ruby Red tops as a place to start when it comes to colourful clothing with eye-catching patterns because minimalism goes a long way.

Fad trends aren’t the way to go because you’ll have an outdated wardrobe next summer. You want to go for fashion that looks objectively good because that’s how you know that you’re onto a winner. Captivating colours, frills, trims, patterns, and other designs that are timeless are definitely the way to go. A beautiful dress never goes out of fashion. Just trust your eye and your gut because you don’t need a qualification in fashion to understand what looks good and what doesn’t.

Get creative.

You don’t need a million different outfits to master a million different looks. You can circulate the same few jackets, shirts, and other accessories to create new looks. You could wear your jacket on your shoulders or wear that chequered shirt around your waist to show off your blouse. Get a little creative with the way you mix and match your outfits because you might find that you can wear the same clothes in a million different ways if you’re smart about it.

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