Learn to Treat Yourself

When you take care of others it can be so hard to remember to keep up with those little things that make you happy. If you’re like me, then you’ll put a lot of effort into those little touches that keep your children’s or your partner’s spirits up.

You probably put yourself second.

It’s easy to make excuses as to why you don’t put the same effort into caring for yourself as you do for others, but the most likely one is that you just forget. I know I do.

So I’m making this year the year of the treat. I’m going to give myself something to look forward to every month, sometimes big things, sometimes little ones. I deserve it and you do too.

Here’s what’s on my treat list:

Subscription Boxes

Best Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes had to be top didn’t they? In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a bit addicted. I’ve already written about three this month! The thing I love best about subscription boxes is that you have something to look forward to every month and they don’t cost the earth. Depending on which one you sign up for the contents will be a surprise!

I expect if you’re a reader of my blog, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘subscription box’ is beauty but there’s so many different ones out there! This means, if make-up isn’t your thing you can subscribe to a box that delivers something more to your taste every month.

What a world we live in!

Get Your Nails Done Professionally

learn to treat yourself

I get my nails done about twice a year. I think it’s the biggest treat but it’s costly and impractical so I could never maintain it! For the ten or so days after I’ve had them done I feel like the most glamorous lady in town (despite the fact I probably haven’t brushed my hair or put any make up on).

I find having my nails done is a welcome treat. You can’t really take your children with you because there’s chemicals in the air and you’re there for at least 45 mins. The whole this is a treat and a break rolled into one.

The place I go to gives me a cup of tea and has the music channels on loud. It makes me feel like I used to when I was getting ready for a night out but without the ordeal of shoehorning myself into some Spanx. Everyone knows the getting ready bit is the best bit, so it’s pretty much all the fun with none of the headache.

Don’t Deny Yourself

the best subscription boxes

I realise that these days everyone is either trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or lose a few pounds. I get it. But where’s the fun if you constantly feel like you’re missing out?

I strongly believe you should factor in treats, no matter what you’re aiming for healthwise. It gives you something to look forward to and when you’ve had it, it keeps you going until next time. If anything a treat is a motivator.

Don’t overdo it though. It stops being a treat if you have it all the time and it’s probably not that good for you. When I was pregnant I kept eating cakes from this amazing little cake shop in my home town. I did it so frequently that it became a ritual and not as special.

It was especially embarrassing when at a check-up everyone thought I had diabetes but the further tests came back negative. I had to explain I’d just been eating a lot of cake (which was incredibly embarrassing). After that, I staggered my cake consumption!

Get a Massage

best subscription boxes

I’ve only ever had one massage but it was brilliant and I need another. I fully intend to have one this year because it melted all my aches and left me completely refreshed.

Massages are amazing if you’re a mum because again, you get that much coveted ‘alone time’. You have the freedom to close your eyes, take a deep breath and not wonder if quiet that surrounds you is due to someone drawing on the walls.

There’s loads of different massage options you can go for, I’m eager to try a hot stones massage but I imagine they’re all good. Speak to your beauty therapist to discuss what you want to gain from it and if you have any health concerns, they’ll be able to offer a suitable recommendation.

Just a heads up, massage parlours aren’t what you think!

What’s on your treat list?

*This was a collaborative post

6 thoughts on “Learn to Treat Yourself

  1. My treats involve having a massage too but I also love just switching off and curling up with a good book and getting lost for an hr! Thanks for linking up with #DreamandSparkle

  2. So true! I always say a bit of me time isn;t being selfish, it is actually a form of self preservation. My treat list consists of being able to read my book in peace for an hour in the tub, getting a pedicure (have a big baby bump stopping me from reaching my toes at the moment!) and buying myself some new perfume as a congratulations to myself for getting baby out in a few weeks time. I figured that it may help me push #dreamandsparkle

    1. I love reading in the bath. It’s such a lovely break from life! Good luck in your impending pushing, hope the perfume serves as a good motivator! x

  3. I love little treats and I’m finding it easier to justify with Evie at school or with her dad every other weekend. I love a meal out, or a little beauty box. #DreamandSparkle

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