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Leanbean Fat Burner Review | My One Month Trial

I was lucky enough to receive some Leanbean Female Fat Burner supplements to help with my weight loss journey. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with ‘dieting’ in the past, finding drastic changes difficult to stick to. I was really pleased to participate in the Leanbean review; it was definitely the kick-start I needed.

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This time, I decided I needed a different, more healthy approach. A lifestyle change, not a diet. I was ready for the Leanbean Female Fat Burner supplements to help me make that change.

Leanbean fat burner review

I haven’t been super restrictive this time round; I wanted my changes to stick. Normally I’m starving all the time (whether I’m dieting or not) and I lean on sugar to give me a boost. When I change my diet I usually find I feel sluggish and even hungrier than usual, then quickly fall off the wagon.

Leanbean fat burner review

After the first week of taking the Leanbean supplements, I was still going strong with my new eating habits and found myself less hungry between meals. I also noticed that I had far more energy than usual and was able to make a conscious effort to move a bit more.

After the first fortnight, I was already 4lbs down and had lost an inch from my waist! Winner! I was already loving taking part in the Leanbean review!

If I’m being honest, I’ll admit that my diet wasn’t really restrictive. I ate normal food at normal times but reduced my sugar intake (apart from the Magnum I ate yesterday). I tried to make sensible choices that would keep me full, but still didn’t skimp on portion sizes.

Leanbean fat burner review

For exercise, I made sure I got out for a little walk at least a couple of times a week. The Easter holiday slowed things down for me because children never want to walk (well mine don’t anyway)! This meant I got a little less exercise and I had a few more treats in my diet because children always manage to persuade you that you need to eat something terribly unhealthy.

All in all, over the last four weeks I’ve lost almost 7lbs and 2 inches off my waist. I know that I definitely wouldn’t have done as well as this on my own (especially as my portion sizes were mostly unaffected).

Leanbean fat burner review

I reckon if I’d reduced my portion sizes and managed to get a little bit more exercise in during the Easter break I’d have maybe even doubled that result!

Moving forward I’m going to embark on a ketogenic diet and let Leanbean help curb my appetite and give me energy. I’ve followed a ketogenic plan before and it relies on you completely cutting out sugar and reducing your carb intake.

Leanbean fat burner review

A keto diet tends to make you feel completely wiped out and super hungry for 3-5 days whilst your body goes cold turkey from sugar. This horrible feeling is widely known as the ‘keto flu’.

Judging by how good Leanbean has made me feel over this last month, I think it will be the one thing that gets me through the new eating plan.

I’ll keep you posted!

Leanbean fat burner review


6 thoughts on “Leanbean Fat Burner Review | My One Month Trial

  1. It sounds great, and super well done to you! I like that you say that you haven’t had to make drastic changes to your diet, as, as you say, those things never tend to stick! And my children never want to walk either – we only manage to walk to school and back! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!

  2. You can really tell the difference in your before and after pictures. I have tried things like this before and to be honest I struggle to remember to take them but when I do they are really effective. I’m currently on week 2 of the slimfast and lost 4pb in my first week. Good luck with the ‘keto flu’ thing I’m not sure I’m brave enough to do that! #kcacols

  3. Well done you!! I’m also changing my lifestyle rather than dieting and it really drives me nuts when my partner fusses at me for eating a bit of sugary junk food. I don’t think he understands that I’m not just going on some crash diet, no matter how many times I tell him! I could really do with some of these to help me, I’ve been feeling so rubbish lately! #KCACOLS

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