How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated (And Looking Great!)

My lovely friend over at Straight Hair Day has written this fab guest post, sharing her tips on how you can keep your hair hydrated.

keep your hair hydrated

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated – but did you know you also need to make sure your hair receives enough moisture?

If you are suffering from dry and possibly brittle hair, you must take steps to moisturise it to ensure it doesn’t begin to break.

How to Tell If Your Hair Lacks Moisture

Most dry hair is obvious on sight, or at least touch. It will feel and look coarse. It won’t be soft to the touch. If you really want to test it grab a strand of your hair and get it wet. Gently try and stretch it – if it doesn’t really stretch then your hair is lacking in moisture. If it stretches and then returns to its original length, your hair has adequate moisture levels.

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Hair Hydrated

1 Deep Condition

By using a deep conditioning treatment once a week your hair will start to feel more moisturised and not so dried out.

More often than not your hair will be dryer from the middle down to the ends. Make sure you apply most of the conditioner to this area rather than the roots.

TIP: Go natural and make your own homemade hair mask. They are really simple to make and many of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated
Photo Credit: Straight Hair Day

A banana and honey hair mask is the perfect combination for increasing moisture in your hair. Simply mash up a ripe banana, add a tbsp. of honey and mix together. For an added boost add some natural yoghurt and turn it into a smoother conditioner. Leave on for about 30 minutes before rinsing off (don’t let the banana dry out or you’ll have trouble getting it out!)

2 Brush Your Hair

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

It is important to brush your hair regularly, at least twice a day, and not only when you are styling it. By brushing your hair you will be redistributing the natural oils found in your scalp throughout the rest of your hair strands.

TIP: Not all hairbrushes are created equal. If you can, use a natural brush made from boar bristles.

3 Dry Without Heat

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Unfortunately those of us with drier, coarser and frizzier hair are those most likely to turn to heated appliances to make our locks smoother and more styled.  And the more we use straighteners, dryers and heated curlers the more we dry out our hair.

Most of us own at least one heated appliance. If you are a regular hair dryer user try to restrict how often you use it. Definitely don’t use it every day, allow your hair to dry naturally when possible and if need be use your straightener of choice to smooth it down and style it once it’s dry.

If you are really short on time towel dry your hair as much as you can before using your dryer.

4 Get a Head Massage

Having a head massage sure does make you feel great and more relaxed. But did you know by massaging your scalp your hair will also become more hydrated?

The massage stimulates the circulation in your scalp, helping to strengthen your hair shaft and spread the scalps natural oils throughout the rest of your hair. This will add shine to your hair and protect it from any potential breakage.

5 Eat For Healthy Hair

Eat well and your hair will thank you for it. The more natural your diet is the healthier your hair will be. Just as processed foods do nothing to help the rest of your body, they will also cause havoc with your locks. Try to include dark green leafy foods, as well as whole grains, nuts and seafood.

I’d like to thank Lucy for sharing her fab tips on ways you can keep your hair hydrated. Make sure your check out her site if you love hair talk as much as I do.

I’m off to make a hair mask!

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