Kalme Chameleon Concealer – The Best Concealer for Rosacea?

I have suffer from mild rosacea. You probably didn’t realise I have it until I just said, because I do my best to cover up the redness. When I was approached to try out Kalme Chameleon Concealer, I was really happy to discover that there was more makeup for rosacea out there than I thought.

My normal makeup routine involved the application of various shades from a colour correction palette: green to counteract the redness, purple to brighten my forehead and salmon or beige for my dark under-eyes. It can get a bit messy, so I was intrigued by the concept of Kalme Chameleon Concealer. It sure did sound like some miracle makeup.

Kalme Chameleon Concealer bottle on a bleached wood background.

Characteristics of Rosacea

In case you’ve reached this point in the post and don’t really know what I’m on about, I’ll quickly explain about what rosacea is.

It’s a skin condition, which in it’s milder forms makes your skin look a reddish pink. I’ve always been a bit red, but over the past couple of years I noticed foundation alone didn’t do the job and the redness shone through. After looking into it I realised I needed to use colour correcting makeup and have been looking for the perfect product ever since.

I put Kalme Chameleon Concealer to the test

I was interested in how the concealer would look when it came out of the pump action tube, so I tried it on the back of my hand first.

My hands have a reddish complexion anyway and the concealer is green at first. After I rubbed it in, it changed colour and offered great coverage.

Kalme Chameleon concealer. Left hand pic shows green blob on my hand, right hand pic has the concealer rubbed in and gave my skin a brighter appearance. Great concealer for rosacea sufferers

I like how well it performed on the back of my hand, so I was eager to try it on my face.

The best concealer for rosacea?

For some context, here is my face before I’ve got any makeup on (sorry it’s gross). I have dark circles and a pinky tone. I think the flash on my camera has bleached my skin a little for this photo. I am usually much more ruddy-looking.


a close up my my face without makeup. I am about to try the concealer for rosacea and have highlighed areas I need to use concealer like the redness on my nose and chin and the dark circles under my eyes.

So now I’ve horrified you with the before, I think you need to see my finished face.

After i've used the Kalme Chameleon concealer , my face has a brighter, more even one

As you can see, all the redness has gone from where it shouldn’t be and my skin tone is brighter and more even. This wonderful concealer for rosacea contains ‘soft feel’ technology, which is designed to create a soft-focus appearance. I think my skin does have more of a soft focus feel to it.

The application is smooth and doesn’t feel drying or cakey like some products. It is designed to treat the signs of rosacea, as well as cover them. The concealer offers intense moisturisation, and boasts anti-inflammatory properties for those who suffer worse than me.

I really like the feel and the finish of the product and I’m impressed at how efficiently it does its job. I’ll definitely be recommending this to my friends.

The blurb:

Anti-redness – Derma Sensitive is a patented extract of caper buds proven to reduce redness and sensitivity by up to 70%

Skin Repair – Biolin is a skin prebiotic proven to repair and strengthen delicate skin.

Moisturisation & Anti-inflammatory – Soline is a unique extract taken from sunflower oil proven to provide intense moisturisation and anti-inflammatory actions.

Pure Mineral SPF20 – Titanium Dioxide offers a mineral SPF20 to protect from UV damage while not aggravating sensitive skin.

Chameleon Concealer is FREE from parabens, perfumes, MI and SLS and contains only naturally active ingredients formulated for use on very sensitive skin.

Chameleon Concealer costs £19.95 (50ml). Available from

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