Job Skills Every Mum Has For Getting Back To Work

There are no shortage of skills you possess as a mum, but when it comes to thinking about getting back into the job market, your mind may go blank. Having been at home so long looking after your children, you might assume you have nothing to offer the world of employment. However, every skill you have picked up as a doting parent can easily be transferred to the workplace, so don’t assume you are under equipped to start a new career.

When you start to work on your resume or fill out the next application form, the following are some of the skills you should highlight with pride.


As a mum, it is your natural instinct to care for your children, even when they drive you potty with their demanding behaviour. When your kids have come home from school in tears, or have been sick in the night, your mothering tendencies kick in, and you show the care and compassion your children need.

Caring requires patience, understanding, and warmth. There are many jobs in the caring profession, from nursing to social work. Have a look at the job opportunities at as examples of roles that may suit your compassionate nature.

Time management

As a parent, there are often 101 different things to do in the day, from playing with your kids to cooking the dinner. Take a step back and consider what you do on a daily basis. Chances are you will be surprised at how you managed to fit everything into one day.
Some of the tasks you need to do also have deadlines pinned to them. Working on your children’s homework, getting them ready for school and driving your kids to soccer practice are just a few of the things you need to do as part of your busy schedule.

Most jobs require you to arrive at a set time and achieve tasks within a deadline, so time management should be something you have no problem with.


Job Skills Every Mum Has For Getting Back To Work

Mums are experts at juggling a multitude of tasks within the same time frame. You’re probably at home now reading this article, while washing a few dishes and making yourself a coffee, so multitasking is something you have become accustomed to. Supergirl has nothing on you!

Examples of multitasking skills can be found at, all perfect for your re-entry into the job market.


In amongst your daily juggling of tasks, some are more important than others. So you will need to pack your child’s lunchbox before thinking of the evening meal, and dusting the living room can be put off until you have washed the mountain of dishes that are threatening to overtake the kitchen.

Knowing what to do and when is something you will face every day, and the same is true in the world of work. For example, when working in a store, you may need to tidy the counter, but when you have a legion of customers queuing up before you, it’s clear where your priority lies.

Problem solving

Every day throws up new and unexpected problems for you to solve. Your child comes home in tears after falling out with their friends, or you discover they have lost one of their exercise books.  Sometimes you have to be quick on your feet, and other times you need to deliberate on finding the right solution. You will be amazed at how skilful you are when it comes to problem-solving.

When it comes to finding the right job, have a look at the advice given on this website, There is some great advice for proving your worth to potential employers, so that’s one problem we have solved for you!


From short-term to long-term, you will make many plans as a parent, from organising the weekly shop for the week’s dinners to considering your child’s future and planning for their education. Planning is something you do at the start of each day as you think about all the tasks facing you, and you may make physical or mental lists to help you manage.

For more advice on finding employment for your planning skills, take a look at Showing your potential employer you have what it takes is important, and they need somebody like you who knows how to plan for any eventuality.


Your children can be very strong-willed, and there will be many times when you need to negotiate with them. Whether it’s a discussion over pocket money, or sorting out bedtimes, your negotiation skills will need to be top notch, enabling you to stand firm, despite the possibility of temper tantrums and sulking.

When it comes to working, you may find jobs in the sales industry right for you. However, any jobs that require working with customers will require some level of negotiation, particularly when they become as hot tempered as your children.

Crisis management

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, if you can keep your head when all others are losing theirs, you will be ace at crisis management. Okay, so at least the first half of that sentence came from Kipling’s famous poem, ‘If’, but you get the point. Staying calm in a crisis is something mothers are adept at doing.

When your child falls ill or has a fight with one of his friend’s, you will need to stay calm in the crisis. From small events to big events, you can never predict when the next disaster will happen, but as a mum, you need to stay in control and not panic in the situation.

Jobs in crisis management can be found in most fields, and the information at will point you in the right direction.


Job Skills Every Mum Has For Getting Back To Work

Mums become natural teachers, imparting their wisdom and experience to their kids. Most of a child’s education comes from learning at home, from witnessing your behaviour as their role model to learning the skills they need to develop. Think of the many things you have had to teach your child. Potty training, learning to read, and safety lessons are just some of the ways you have had a hand in their education.

Many young minds in the world could benefit from your expertise, so if you aren’t afraid of public speaking or large crowds of children, then teaching could be your next career. From the little kids to the big kids, there is some guidance at which may kick start your new career.

Financial management

Finally, financial management is something all mums need to learn. Kids are wonderful, but they (literally) eat up a lot of your household budget, so you need to stay in tight control of your money. There is also the need to save for emergencies, as you can never predict one day to the next. You may have just bought your child a new pair of school pants, but you can guarantee they won’t last long in all the rough and tumble of the playground.

You will also need to teach your child the value of money as we mentioned here, so maybe a job in banking where you can help others manage their money will be ideal. However, a lot of jobs involve some form of cash handling, so many possibilities are awaiting you.

So, what job are you looking for? You are guaranteed to have one if not all of the skills listed above.

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