Irish Weddings

Ever since my friend married her Irish Beau I have been obsessed with how beautiful her Irish wedding was. With my fiancé being a bit Irish (his granddad was Irish, and he’s always been interested in his lineage) we have considered outright copying my friend and getting married over there. The photos alone made it very tempting to copy, Ireland has such beautiful scenery which adds that perfect finishing touch to an already special day and my friend had a great wedding photographer in Dublin.

Irish Weddings

Another wonderful thing about Irish weddings is that they have a rich history of traditions and superstitions. Quite a few of these traditions (like ‘the month of honey’, which involves some mead drinking) are perhaps a little outdated now, but there’s some I still like the sound of.

I love the idea that if the sun shone on the bride, it would bring good luck to the happy couple. I also think it’s kind of funny that they used to lock the door to keep the groom in the church since Irish men had a reputation for getting ‘cold feet’ (I had no idea they had such a bad rep!).

If like me, it’s not so feasible to have a wedding Ireland – we live in the UK and it would be difficult to get all of our friends and family over, it’s still possible to have a gorgeous Irish-themed wedding. This is a perfect way to honour an Irish heritage.

Here are some ideas for Irish themes you can have fun with:

Irish Lace

Irish weddingsI think lace on bridal gowns is so beautiful and I will absolutely be having lace feature somewhere on my dress (probably sleeves, but I can’t be certain yet). If you’re not a fan of the fussy stuff like me, you could always just have a flash of lace on your veil, or cheeky lace garter.

Wedding Stationery

Irish Wedding
Admittedly, this might be St. Patrick’s Day artwork

You can have so much fun with the ‘save the date’ cards and the invitations. If you have a theme to your wedding, you can really get your creative juices flowing and cover the stationery in shamrocks or lace. There’s so much creative licence to be had.

Get Married in a Castle

Irish Weddings

Irish castles are known for their beauty and grandeur. If you can’t get to Ireland to get married in a real Irish castle, there’s plenty of UK options. Castles are such a fairytale backdrop for your wedding photos and you can pretend to be queen for a day!

Honeymoon in Ireland

Irish Weddings

If it’s unrealistic to bring your family to Ireland for your wedding, there’s no reason you have to miss out. There’s loads of fab places to honeymoon in Ireland and so many gorgeous places to see. You could also hire a honeymoon photographer for while you’re over there, that way you can still have the photos of the two of you with the lovely scenery in the background.

If hubs-to-be takes some convincing, you can always have your hen do in Ireland. Just make sure you and the ladies don’t drink too many of these:


Have you got any Irish in you? Did you have an Irish or Irish themed wedding? What did you do? Where did you go. Tell me all about it!


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  1. As an Irish girl, I had the best Irish wedding😀 we put Child of Prague statues in the front lawn the night before a wedding for good weather but we married at Christmas so we had to take what we got 😊enjoyed ur post

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