Introducing Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir

I was lucky enough to receive some Leighton Denny treats* recently. I’ve been in need of a nail saviour, mine have been looking rather sad and brittle lately. In my lovely nail care package was a nail buffer, the new Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir, and this gorgeous Leighton Denny glitter shade in Strike a Pose.

Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir
I’m so happy with my goodies!

The Time Repair Elixir is made especially for people like me, who have absolutely trashed nails. About a month ago I had some ill-advised acrylic extensions from on of those walk-in places. They really hammered my natural nail. They used tools and filed the top of the nail and there’s now a very obvious groove. What I’m left with is some bumpy, flaky nails that are too thin and uncomfortable to buff. Look:

Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir

The Nail Elixir has collagen in it to plump up the ridges and make your nails look healthy, something called chrono-peptide to strengthen and protect, and lime-tree extract to whiten them (you can see mine are discoloured).

I skipped buffing and want straight to applying the basecoat.

Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir

Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir

As you can see, they are heaps better already!

After that coat dried, I went straight for the colour.

Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir

Leighton Denny advise that to paint your nails like a pro, you first need to roll (not shake) the bottle, to mix it all up. Then apply 2 thin coats (allowing for drying time in between). Thin coats dry faster and are less likely to seep into your cuticles.

Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir
Coat 1
Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir
Coat 2

Nailed it! (Pardon the pun). It looked fab and lasted 4 full days with no chips – I took it off to change colour, my attention span is pretty short.

All in all, I’m extremely impressed with the Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir and will be using it every time I paint my nails. The Leighton Denny colour is gorgeous too. You can tell when you apply it that it’s excellent quality. I think I’ve just discovered my new favourite brand!

*PR Samples

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Leighton Denny Time Repair Nail Elixir

  1. Oh I love the colour, it looks fab! This sounds great, a 4 day no chip timeframe is very good! I am lucky to make it past 1 day if its not shellacked (?) on! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. It’s amazing right? Usually my nails last one night and that’s it, I’m definitely going to get more colours x

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