I’m Still Here!

My more astute readers may have spotted I’ve been hiding and filling my blog with guest posts to keep it fed. Fear not, my avid fans (hi mum), I’m still writing, I’ve just been busy.

The Easter hols have wiped me out and if that wasn’t bad enough, I have uni assessments. Waah!

Anyway, before this meanders into banal chit chat, allow me share what I’ve been up to.

I wrote a guest post for my friend Sam and she probably didn’t think it was awful, because she published it. You should definitely read it, it’s a make up one called Do Yo Know Your Arch From Your Elbow?

Family Outings

I was lucky enough to have Accidental Hipster Dad off during the first week of the holidays, which thankfully gave me an extra pair of hands. We had the insane notion that family days out would be a wonderful way to spend the days,  but we forgot that Greg is now a raging terrible two-er.

We took him to the beach. He screamed.

We took him to the park. He screamed.

We took him to see a train at Waltham Windmill (but got the wrong day). He screamed.

We took him to a friend’s barbecue and he was impeccably behaved. Nobody believed he was a terrible two-er.

Emma also came to these excursions but didn’t scream, look at the smiler!

The lesson I learned from this break is that you can’t take children anywhere. He had a great time on all of these outings, it just didn’t stop the screaming!


I was lucky enough to try some recipe kits, which was fab because I was able to pretend I was an expert chef even thought I’m not at all!

Simply Cook Thai Red Prawn Curry

simply cook review bokkeumbap

Both of these meals were made with the Simply cook recipe kits and I will have a couple more meals to show you soon. They were delicious and you can read more about them here. If my excellent pictures have got you sold, you can try a box yourself for £3!

My second cooking folly was with Gousto.

These guys even send you a spoon! The above ingredients turned into this Dal:

There is a review post in the works for these guys so keep your eyes peeled. If you can’t wait, you can sign up to Gousto and get 50% off your first box by following this link and using the code SAVE50.

Face App

I also discovered this hilarious app and can’t stop insisting people use it. You should too. Look!

Man me is so funny! I think he looks handy, like he could be a plumber or something. If you get it, please show me the results!

Out and About

Yesterday I had the very exciting opportunity to see behind the scenes at McDonald’s, I even got to make my own Big Mac! There’s a post coming about my day at McDonald’s too and I’m sure you’ll really love it. I had a bit of time either side of the meeting so I spent all my pocket money in lush and possibly walked about 8 miles in total. I’m tired but happy. I love Hull, who wouldn’t?

Hull Marina


8 thoughts on “I’m Still Here!

  1. The Easter hols have completely wiped me out too! Feeling your pain… But we have survived, yay! I had the first week by myself as Awaybies Dad was very busy working, the second week was better but still chaotic and exhausting! Totally empathise with the 2 year old screaming. I’m looking forward to more speaking and less tantrumming at some point in the future! #RV&HT

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