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I’m Not a Cool Mum

I know from TV that mums aren’t cool (case example: Beverly Goldberg). There’s  a universal understanding that mums are uncool.  I don’t know who noticed it first or how the news spread, but I got the memo and I’m aware mums aren’t cool.

I’m not cool. I’m not meant to be; I’m a mum.

Sure, there are some cool mums, I’ve even seen them (from a distance, they probably wouldn’t want to talk to me) but I know I’m not totally alone. My other mum friends talk about how they’re not cool either, I’m sure they won’t mind me exposing them as uncool too.

In case you were wondering how I’m measuring this, I have compiled a list of ways I am not cool:


I can almost get away with not knowing what ‘the kids’ are listening to these days, because I never knew. My slightly hipstersterish tastes have me covered, but I can’t pretend that if someone were to ask me to sing on cue that anything other than, “Hey, ho, swashbucklers go, take on the pirates, yo, ho, ho!” would come to mind.


I only wear good clothes on days other people will see me. School gates mums don’t count as ‘other people’ either, everyone is in the same (legging clad) boat at the school gates. Any clothes that are remotely nice are not to be worn a day I’m busy mumming. Reasons to wear nice clothes include (but are not limited to): uni, weight watchers, parents evening and  trips to the doctors. Oh, the glamour!


In the past year I have purchases shoes solely based on ‘comfort and sturdiness’. They were brogues and they cost £60! Can you imagine? £60 for some flat, sturdy shoes! Ten years ago if my shoes were flat, they were £10 from Primark, flimsy as tissue paper and never to be seen.

Am I cool yet? Big sunglasses are definitely cool!


I have masses of wavy blonde hair. It’s really long and on occasion can look quite nice. Of course, I barely wear it down. When I’m mothering I can only manage a top knot, otherwise my hair gets pulled by my toddler or dips in everyone’s tea or, after chasing a toddler, makes me so hot I could die. Now I only wear it down for uni to help me masquerade as a young person so that my friends don’t mind sitting with me at lunch.

TV Shows

I have no idea what people watch on TV these days. Big Brother? Geordie Shore? I’m not sure, if it’s not CBeebies then I’m indulging in my guilty pleasure of watching Australian dramas. My favourite Facebook page at the minute is ‘Home and Away Australian Spoilers’.

Is anyone else as uncool as me? Please send reassuring comments!





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23 thoughts on “I’m Not a Cool Mum

  1. Hilarious! I’m sure you aren’t in with The Goldbergs. You have better hair! lol You are not alone! I would rather be the Mom who raises good children than the cool Mom!

  2. I am so cool too. Seriously I bought heels a few months ago and haven’t worn them, I lIVE in leggings. All the time. Unless I have PJ bottoms on. I use the TV as a babysitter most days and those mums who manage to have makeup on and something other than a mum bun at the school gates can feck right off. haha

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. Mums are not cool. I am not a cool mum. I wear a backpack containing drinks bottles and suncream, to the park. 99% of my clothing/footwear choices are based on practicality and comfort. I like a nice cardigan. And big knickers.
    *weeps in to wine glass*

    #cucklemums 😉

    1. I’m desperate for some more nice clothes. My student loan is due in about 3 weeks, all I want to post is wishlists! x

  4. Well your hair is definitely cool – I love it! I am totally uncool too, having a baby almost cuts you off from what’s cool as you drown in a sea of nappies and nursery rhymes! Who cares about being cool anyway 😊 #ablogginggoodtime

  5. I used to think I wasn’t a cool mum either and then I realised in another way being a mum actually is the coolest thing ever so that somehow makes me cool. Wishful thinking maybe. Now I’ve got ‘hey ho swashbuckler’s go, take on the pirates yo ho ho. Swashbuckle cheer Ar harrr!’ stuck in my head!

    Amina xx |

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