I’m a BiBs Finalist (Beauty & Fashion Category)?!

I learned this fabulous news last Monday afternoon when a friend congratulated me. The finalists were announced on the site before we received our emails, and I must say, I was totally shocked! I want to say a big thank you to anyone who nominated me.

Obviously I had to have a nosey at who I was up against (you would though, wouldn’t you?). They are all fantastic blogs written by exactly the sort of glamorous, stylish women you’d expect to write a beauty and fashion blog.

I certainly don’t fit in!

I go around reviewing Primark foundation and I’ve never owned a Touché Éclat (I’m a Benefit ‘Boi-ing’ kinda gal, since you asked). Yet here I am in the final, and I couldn’t be happier.

I imagine you’re wondering how I managed to contain my excitement for a full week before I wrote this post? Well, truthfully, no containing has been done. I managed to share on social media as soon as I found out, but little Greg’s asthma has been playing up and we found ourselves ending the week with another hospital stay. Don’t worry, he’s fine now and we’re back home.

BiBs finallist beauty and fashion
Greg livin’ it up in A&E and flirting with the nurses.

This blog has changed over the past year or so that I’ve been writing it. I never set out to write about make-up and fashion, but the more I’ve started to feel like my old self again, the more I’ve had to talk about on the beauty and fashion front.

Pre-children (when I actually had spending money), I would always be shopping. I’d love nothing better than a visit to town to plan what I’d buy. I’d try make up, I’d chat to the counter ladies, I’d take samples home to give things a fair test before I spent my money. About 70% of my daydreams were about what clothes I’d buy and how I’d do my hair and make up. I guess lived a pretty carefree life before the kids came along.

Nowadays I’m a little more relaxed with my appearance. I can leave the house without having made an effort (but only if no one will see me). The school run doesn’t count, in case you were wondering. The school run is like Fight Club; you do not talk about the school run. 

Beauty and fashion is still high up on the list of things that occupy my daydreams (holiday homes and nice cars might have found themselves featured too, now that I’m a proper grown-up), so I’m glad to have an outlet for them. I’m also glad that you lovely lot seem to like it too – it feels a lot less like I’m talking to myself now!

To vote for me in the Brilliance in Blogging awards follow this link, scroll down to the Beauty & Fashion section and click the little box next to ‘Accidental Hipster Mum’.

Thank you so much for reading this blog, and thank you for voting for me (if you have, or even if you might). If you find your voting form looks a little bare, I have a couple of friends up for awards in other categories. Whinge Whinge Wine is up for Reader’s Choice, and White Camellias is up for her lovely Photography.

Voting closes on 2nd July and only one vote is allowed per person.

Good luck to everyone who has been nominated!

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21 thoughts on “I’m a BiBs Finalist (Beauty & Fashion Category)?!

  1. Yay, many congratulations. Very well deserved.

    I am sorry to hear that Greg’s asthma has been playing up. I have asthma and mine is bad this time of year. It is triggered by allergies and hay-fever at the moment. I know how to manage mine. It is so much more difficult to manage asthma in young children.

    I have to say though, Greg looks like he has thoroughly enjoyed his little sojourn in hospital. Having you been spoiling him? 😉

    Loads of love

    Pen x

    1. Haha yes, we could only appease him with cake and Skips. He also likes the pretty nurses, bless him!

      I have asthma too and it’s the pits, I really feel sorry for Greg because he hates having his medicine but he really struggles without it. Yesterday he was having his inhaler (using a spacer with a mask) and he was sobbing and saying “no Mummy, I cry!”. Heartbreaking stuff!

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