I Was Almost in a Pickle!

If you follow me on any of mu social media channels, you will have seen my ongoing student loan saga.

I work freelance from home, I’m also a student and a mother. All of these things added together have the potential to lead to financial uncertainty. Luckily, I plan ahead, so most of my finances are in order.

This year I had managed to meticulously budget right up to the day my student loan was due to hit my bank. As that day approached, I realised I hadn’t had confirmation of my loan. When I looked into it, I soon discovered there had been problem their end and my student loan would not arrive on time!

When you have small mouths to feed, a sudden lack of money can be incredibly stressful. I knew I would get the money eventually, but that didn’t help me when I was relying on it to arrive on time.

I rang the Student Loans Company, but ended up going round and round in circles. The best explanation I received was that I’d somehow been missed, put back into the queue (at the back) and it would be three more weeks. Three weeks isn’t exactly a lifetime, but it’s worry when it’s an unexpected delay.

I began researching quick loans while I awaited a reply from the Student Finance Twitter team. I reassured myself that if it came to it, I would be able to borrow enough money to tide me over. Three weeks wasn’t such a long time to borrow money for, so I wouldn’t have to worry about any long-term debt.

Shortly after I Tweeted the Student Loans Company a kind man from a different department rang me. He explained what was delaying the application and looked into getting the loan partially approved. After speaking to his team leader, he was able to arrange for two thirds of my loan to be paid to me in just a few days. My hero!

The man from Twitter basically saved the day and now I have my partial loan while the rest of it gets sorted out. Hopefully my January payment will arrive on time too. If not, at least I know I can get my hands on some cash quickly for a short period of time. I’ll probably try and build up a rainy day fund though, just in case!


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