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I Hereby Resolve to be a Better Chef

I can cook. You may have seen that I sometimes even share recipes I’ve invented (do you invent recipes/ am I an inventor?) but lately I’ve mainly just been making pre-existing food items a suitable temperature before serving them to my family.

Mussels Weight Watchers
One of my ‘inventions’

This change in my cooking habits has coincided with my failure to lose weight, so now I plan to go back to basics. With no uni worries for almost two months, I have a lot more time to put into what I eat (and how much exercise I do too).

So I’ve invested in some cookbooks, they are Weight Watchers cookbooks because it has all the points worked out for me, so it makes my life a lot easier.

The Sweet one will probably be my favourite because my daughter likes to bake, summer holidays are coming up and I really don’t want to get fat from eating all the desserts she’ll want to make.

My lovely leader made the flapjack recipe and brought it in to my meeting. It was delicious, it was probably the nicest flapjack I’ve had in a long time. The pieces were 4 Smart Points for a portion, but a normal recipe would have been 1o Smart Points for a similar portion.

Weight watchers flapjack recipe from Sweet cookbook

Although the baking will probably be on hold for the next two weeks, the proper meal cooking shall commence pretty quickly. I’m in the mood for a fish dish so I’m eyeing up these two delicious looking treats!

Weight Watchers No Count Salmon Asparagus and Lentil salad
Salmon, Asparagus & Lentil Salad
Griddled Seafood Platter Weight Watchers No Count Book
Griddled Seafood Platter

These are from the No Count book which actually has a few dessert recipes in it too:

3 Frozen Desserts Weight Watchers No Count Cookbook

This wasn’t a sponsored post or anything, I’m just pretty excited to do some cooking and try some new dishes. Hopefully I’ll shift some weight too.

Wish me (and my family, they’ll be eating this stuff too) luck!

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3 thoughts on “I Hereby Resolve to be a Better Chef

    1. Haha youre comments do make me laugh! My fiance will cook but he likes lots of spice and lots of olive oil, so I can’t always cope with the end results. It’s often delicious but not Weight Watchery enough! x

  1. I love getting new cook books! I’ve started getting them out the library recently so I can try different things. I’m sure you’ll be creating I a happy healthy family all summer! With cake thrown in!! Thanks for linking up to #abrandnewday

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