Humble #MumGoals

Having children certainly changes your priorities. I know it’s to be expected, but my dreams now are a million miles away from what they were ten years ago.

Motherhood has made me incredibly humble. I genuinely own a pair of leggings that I consider to be my ‘best leggings’. I never thought I’d say that. Plain, black, regular leggings from Next. I think they were about a tenner.

My best leggings.

I used to wear sixty quid jeans just to lounge in. Ten years ago, my £60 jeans were my ‘scruffs’. Oh, how times have changed!

My humble #MumGoals don’t stop at fashion. Fashion is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now that I’ve got two children, ‘dreaming big’ seems to be about practical stuff. My ideal car is a five-year-old Astra.

I know, right? Whoa there Jendog, get your head out of the clouds, you’re only heading for disappointment!

Before I had children (which was also before I could drive), I remember my friend getting a brand new Corsa on interest free credit, and my goal was to pass my test and do the same. The thought of spending that much on a car nowadays makes me feel a little bit queasy.

I used to dream of fancy holidays and well paid jobs. I didn’t really have much of a wanderlust, but I made up for it in fashion lust. I wanted nice things, I wanted promotions, I wanted to always have nice nails.

Now all I want is to wake up and not be tired. I want a quiet five minutes to drink my cuppa while it’s hot. I know I say it a lot, but I really do want to watch Neighbours in peace.

The things I want now are unquestionably attainable. In fact, I already manage to watch Neighbours in peace at least twice a week. Who knows; if I play my cards right and keep wishing hard, one day I might even own a five year old Astra!

I’m unsure whether motherhood has taken my ability to dream, or if it has just turned me into a practical human being. Parents always seem to be practical, maybe this was inevitable.

Has parenthood changed your dreams? Do you also have humble #Mumgoals? Tell me about it in the comments!

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45 thoughts on “Humble #MumGoals

  1. Motherhood definitely puts life in perspective. I think your humble mum goals show how happy you are with your life as “stuff” takes on much less value. My humble goal is constantly striving for an empty washing basket! #KCACOLS

  2. It really does change things doesn’t it. I remember when I used to lust over mulberry handbags now all I want it a changing bag big enough to fit eveeythinf fot two!! #kcacols

    1. Haha exactly! I still can’t get over the fact I now have some ‘best leggings’. What has my life become?!

  3. I completely agree with you, motherhood has really humble my goals. My #mumgoal is to blow dry my hair at least once a week, I tend to leave it to air dry and it’s always in a messy bun when I’m at home. I miss the days I use to go the salon every month. #KCACOLS

    1. I have an air dried messy bun a lot! On days I know I have to go somewhere people will see me I get up an hour before the kids so I can do my hair and make up! x

  4. These days dreaming big for me involves actually getting a date in the diary, usually three months hence, to meet with my friends for a quick drink after work. We are all parents and have complex logistical childcare challenges to overcome. I remember the days when I used to send an email round at 4:30pm and be able to meet up with 6 of my besties for a drink that evening. Those were the days. Pen x #KCACOLS

    1. I remember those days. I could sometimes arrange a night out in the space of 20 minutes! Oh how times change x

  5. No before I had kids I dreamed of travelling. I know I can still do that but it will be extra expensive. – – Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  6. Ha ha, definitely. Being a parent completely changes your outlook and you aim for the much more achievable things that will help get you through the day, like five minutes peace to drink a HOT cup of tea, or the slightly less achievable but always dreamed of mealtimes where no one complains about the food and none of it ends up on the floor x

    1. I can’t wait until there’s no food on the floor after a meal. Kids are so cruel about their mum’s cooking. It always ends up on the floor! x

  7. I’ve got a similar post I’m drafting abor how I feel like motherhood has turned me into an over sensible moanbag when I was such a carefree and lighthearted person pre motherhood. I’m trying to work on it but it certainly changes everything. And if it doesn’t then maybe you aren’t doing it right?


    1. You’re right! I think it’s important to change when you have children. I can imagine Greg would be cross if I was wearing expensive jeans and he had no toys to play with! x

  8. Yes to this! 4 years ago I was dreaming of holidays in Croatia, expensive handbags, spending £150 a month on hair, nails, waxing etc… These days, I’m perfectly content with spending no more than £7 on a pair of jeans from Primark! I last got a hair cut about 8 months ago and even that was only because post-preg hormones made it all fall out and I looked ri-dic-U-lous!! I spend my days lusting after cushions and throws, although the ocassional handbag does still wander through my mind haha! Love this post! #stayclassymama

    1. I lust after cushions and throws, except I’m misguided and think I can make these things. I’m too tired to complete any projects, yet I still start! (Also, Primark jeans are pretty good!) x

  9. I love this post, parenting has definitely had this effect on me. Some goals seem utterly unattainable, and some seem pointless now. I have many a dream but they are dreams for about 15 years time lol, for now I would just like to make it through the day relatively unscathed! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. Definitely making it through the day is a big one. Some days when it gets to 5 o’clock I think “yesssssss, not long now and I can have a rest” x

  10. You’re so right Jenny, definitely lowered my standards since becoming a parent… I’m now thrilled to bits if I get two hours alone to go to the shops or get my hair done or have dinner out with my husband! It has given me the gift of being very grateful and appreciative of the little things in life and the supportive friends I have made 😀 #RVHT

    1. Supportive friends are a must! It’s easy to drift apart when you have kids but half of your friends don’t! I love alone time, but by the same stretch, 2hrs is enough, if I’m given a break from the kids for a few hours on the weekend, I start to miss everyone after I’ve had a bath and done my hair! x

  11. It would be awesome to wake up and not be tired. I pretty much live in t shirt dresses and comfy jersey feel leggings these days! #bigpinklink

  12. I think the things we want from life change when we have kids. Now my goal is to give my kids the best life I can. Holidays and things would be nice, but for now I am content in my little life x

  13. (Apologies if this is a duplicate, my comment seems to have fallen down an infamous interweb hole.)

    I don’t think I’ve ever owned a £60 pair of jeans in my life! (But then, I actually don’t like jeans *shrugs*)


    1. Don’t worry, this isn’t a duplicate! I must admit I was foolish as a young adult and should have invested my money instead of buying expensive jeans I am far to fat to have worn for years!

  14. I definitely feel you on this one! My “dreams” don’t seem nearly as important as having a clean home and some time for baby snuggles everyday. To be honest, I’m not really disappointed by that either. I love my family, and I am ok with them being my only number one right now.

    1. Oh god, that’s my dream Dyson! I keep hoping one day I’ll hit the big time and Dyson will approach me to review one!

  15. Oh definitely! When I was younger my goals were all materialistic and all about things I wanted to own. Now we have Mia, my goal is to get us both up, dressed and Mia to go a day without a huge tantrum! That’s what I call a good day! 🙂


  16. Oh I have my good leggings too!! They are in fact from Next lol so funny, I can completely relate. I tend to think a glass of wine and a nice chat is a big night out now too 😁😁 thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama

    1. Haha! I wonder if all mums who own ‘good leggings’ own the same ones from Next? It’s my daughter’s school fayre tomorrow, I’m going to crack out the good leggings! x

  17. I agree with all of this! I used to want to spend all my money on clothes and go loads of places, now I’m dreaming of just popping to the supermarket by myself and maybe finding a spare 20quid to go by myself a couple tops from Primari! You’re not the only one who has a pair of best leggings by the way 🙂 xx #kcacols #blogcrush

    1. Haha I swear ‘best leggings’ is a mum thing. I bet that’s why that direct selling company set up selling leggings (I think in the US, not seen it here). Every mum deserves one ‘good’ pair of leggings!

  18. Parenthood most definitely does change your perspective and outlook on things. I’m definitely a lot more humble now and appreciate what I do have rather than wanting what I don’t. (My best pair of leggings have just started to look slightly less ‘best,’ and I’m dreading having to replace them!) Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  19. Motherhood has changed every aspect of my life. I am no longer shooting to become a CEO of a big company, but rather the owner of a profitable blog. I made that change just to be able to be home with my kids. I hardly have any free time to do what I want because I homeschool them and help take care of my mother-in-law.
    However, despite the downfalls, I wouldn’t trade being a mother to my three munchkins. 🙂

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