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How to Tame Your Awful Mane

I broke a brush the other day. It just snapped off in my hair and I was left holding a handle. This happens often; my default hairstyle is the ‘cave-girl’.

I get a fair few compliments for my hair, it has the volume of three people’s and often gets mistaken for extensions. Its natural state is enormous and wild and it’s a daily struggle just to get it out the bedroom door in a morning.

I just woke up like this.

I know there’s a lot of people out there who despair at their own gigantic hair and claim it simply cannot, will not,  be tamed.

It can.

I’ll tell you how to calm your barnet.

You will need:

A good quality hairbrush (I swear by Denman).

Heat protection styling spray. I use this and you can get it here.


A bulldog clip for your hair.



Straighteners that have an adjustable heat setting and a power cable that rotates at the base. I have these and you can get them here:

How to tame your awful mane


From my ‘before’ picture, you might assume just plain old brushing it will help.


Don’t just go straight in with the straightners. Brush your hair well, separate into sections and keep a load of hair out of your way with the bulldog clip, like this:

You will look silly for at least 15 minutes.

Spray your heat defence styling spray on your hair in the sections you’ve created.

I have my heat turned up to 230 on my straighteners but depending on you hair thickness and the size of the section you want to curl, you may have turn the heat down a little.

Start near your scalp and pass the hair between the plates as your rotate the straighteners, when you get to the end, wind the hair back up the outside of the straighters. Hold for a few seconds (it will be different for everyone depending on hair type, so use your common sense here) then release slowly. Do this all over your head, release another section of hair from the bulldog clip and repeat.

Remember to use smallish sections and hold the hair for long enough for the curl to take.

Et voilà!

Hair that knows who’s boss.


10 thoughts on “How to Tame Your Awful Mane

  1. I can relate to you so well. All hair elastics seems to snap in my hair. So much so that now I carry them with me or wear it on the wrist. Yiu never know when your hair stops coperating.
    You are gorgeous. BTW. 🙂

    Sumaica –

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