How to Make More ‘Me Time’

The gift of motherhood is truly unlike anything other, but with this miracle comes a number of sacrifices, one of them being time. Once you become a mum time is never your own. As beautiful as it is when we watch our firstborn take their first steps or win their first swimming award, not having even 20 minutes of the day just to ourselves is enough to make anyone go crazy.

It takes a team to take care of one child, let alone two or more, and it’s encouraging to see the growing numbers of single mother business owners, as Entrepreneur Magazine shares business advice from some of the most prominent moguls in the category. Seeing their success in both business and family, it makes every mum wonder how they do it all, when we barely have time to relax on the couch with our favourite novel (and maybe a glass of wine on the side).

As busy as we all are, there are surprisingly many ways that we can ensure we get a sufficient amount of ‘me time’ throughout the week. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Set your alarm clock to an earlier time

Sleep is something all parents cherish, making some days extremely hard to crawl out of bed, but training yourself to get up half an hour before your usual alarm has many benefits. You can use this time to practice yoga or mindful meditation. Engaging in activities away from things like technological devices and other similar distractions can better equip you with the patience needed to handle the incoming daily stresses, according to this in-depth infographic by Pocketfruity. Plus, an earlier wake up call will have you sleeping at a decent hour every night.

2) Make time for your friends

Parents are more likely to spend more time with each other because of the common denominator, but it’s important that you also make time for your single or child-free girlfriends who have kept you sane during the points of a mental breakdown. Preserve your sanity and pencil in a monthly date with your friends, whether it’s a spa day, brunch or a Pilates class.

3) Lock yourself in your car
Definitely the strangest piece of advice out of the bunch, Mom writer Brittany Minor swears by this tip and calls her car her “temporary oasis”. When your kids are safe indoors with another adult supervising them, go to your car, crack a window open, and just do as you please. Need to catch up on a show? Take your laptop or tablet with you. Love getting your nails done but have no time for a manicure? Bring some polish into the car with you. Or if you just need to breathe, spread yourself out on the backseat for maximum relaxation.

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