A Honeymoon With Kids vs A Honeymoon Without

I get married in two weeks. People keep asking me about a honeymoon, but the truth is I haven’t even looked. We have a 2 year old and an 8 year old and it’s just not feasible to go away right before Christmas. We are thinking of doing something nice in the new year, but this ‘something nice’ will probably not be so flash. The truth is, a honeymoon with kids is never going to be quite as exotic and romantic as a honeymoon without.

A Honeymoon With Kids vs A Honeymoon Without

I was daydreaming on the Holiday Gems website the other day. They have some very cheap deals that I would have snapped up if it had been just us (and that I wasn’t so old that my passport I got in my teens has expired). This got me thinking about where I’d like to go, vs where I’d probably get to go now we have kids.

The Trendy City Break

Without Kids: Dubai

Honeymoon With Kids Dubai

It’s young, it’s trendy and it’s got that ‘place to be’ vibe. I’d love to go.  It’s known for having an amazing skyline and even more amazing food. I can imagine a child-free honeymoon would be very romantic; having a fancy meal then going to an evening stroll, looking up at all those jawdroppingly tall skyscrapers. I imagine kids wouldn’t want to eat lobster souffle or look at buildings.

With Kids: Hull

Honeymoon With Kids

I’m not knocking Hull, it was a genuine suggestion from me. Accidental Hipster Dad laughed really hard until he realised I was serious. Then he flat out refused on the grounds that he works in Hull and that makes it somewhat less magical. I still think the City of Culture is a fine place to honeymoon. They have cute little indie businesses and a chocolatier. They also have a really good pie shop and an aquarium. Pie then looking at fish probably will never be as romantic as a Dubai honeymoon, but I’m sure it comes close, right?

The ‘Might Run Into a Celebrity’Destination

Without Kids: Sydney

Sydney Honeymoon With Kids

I understand that not all of you will consider the cast of Neighbours to be ‘celebrities’. I do, and I refuse to argue with you. Ramsay Street aside, you all know the Hemsworths are Australian, don’t you? That’s Thor and Gale Hawthorne (+ the other brother who was once in Neighbours). Everyone knows Sydney is cool and other celebs hang out there too. You can’t go celeb spotting with kids though, they only recognise Mr Tumble and after the re-release of ‘It’, I’m not so keen on clowns any more.

With Kids: Manchester

Manchester Honeymoon With Kids

I don’t know anyone who has been to Manchester and not seen someone from Corontation street. Also Cbeebies have some sort of tour you can take your kids on in Manchester. You heard it here first: Manchester, the Sydney of the North.

The Romantic Place with Boats

Without Kids: Venice

Honeymoon With Kids

Rob likes water and Rob loves boats. What better place to spend your honeymoon than one of the most romantic cities in Europe (apparently Hull still doesn’t count). If I’m honest, this is probably more than doable with the kids, but there is a lot of water about. Maybe I’ll teach Greg to swim first.

With Kids: Whitby

Honeymoon With Kids

Dracula’s birthplace is probably less romantic than Venice, but there are boats and lots of water so it’s a bit the same. Okay, I’m clutching at straws, but I’ve heard Whitby is really nice. It’s also not far away from Grimsby, but then again, neither is Cleethorpes. Maybe I could honeymoon there?

Where would you go if you were me? I’d love recommendations for UK & abroad. If you took kids on your honeymoon, where did you go? If not, would you like to babysit for a week or two?

4 thoughts on “A Honeymoon With Kids vs A Honeymoon Without

  1. I’ll have the kids, send ‘em down to us to for a week. They can roll around our garden with my 2 for the week haha!! If it were entirely up to me, I’d go to Croatia. I hear that Prince Harry and a bunch of other rich kids love the island of Split so that’s the celeb factor for ya! Uk-wise……. my parents honeymooned in Torquay and loved it – there’s a miniature town/city which the kids would enjoy. I think I’d probably pick York or Windsor, mainly because I quite like a good afternoon tea 😉


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