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Home Security – Are You at Risk This Christmas?

Christmas is rapidly approaching and people everywhere have already started stocking up on gifts (get it?). It’s great to be prepared, but filling your home with a variety of treasures can put your home at risk.

There’s always a huge increase in burglaries over the festive period, and homes without any security measures in place are FIVE times more likely to be broken into. Not a very festive thought!

Luckily, there are lots of actions you can take to improve your home security. Here are my top tips:

1. Install a security camera that streams to your smartphone.

Home Security - Are You At Risk This Christmas?

Whether you’re at midnight mass or doing some last minute Christmas shopping in New York, if you get a camera that streams to your phone or tablet you can check your security no matter where in the world you are. It’s worth getting one that’s weatherproof like this Panasonic outdoor camera to ensure the picture quality is clear and the camera itself stands the test of time. This one has infrared sensors and selectable area detection which notifies your smartphone or tablet if trouble is detected. How’s that for extra peace of mind?

2. Make sure your house is easily visible from the street and surrounding areas.

While I appreciate people tend to enjoy their privacy, good visibility is a great natural way to protect your property. If your house is hidden by high hedges and fences, burglars are less likely to be spotted and scared off by passers by. Keeping on top of topiary could save you from a break-in!

3. Keep your valuables out of sight.

Home Security - Are You At Risk This Christmas?

I know it’s a sorry state of affairs when we can’t leave our nice wares out in our own home, but ensuring your valuables are out of sight might make a prospective robber look elsewhere (after all, benefits of the theft has to outweigh the risk of getting arrested, if you look like you have nothing worth stealing it could help you avoid being a victim).

4. If your home has a neighbourhood watch group, join it!

This piece of advice speaks for itself really, but if you’re lucky enough to be holidaying over Christmas, having someone keep a watch on your property can ease any anxieties you may have.

5. Install a burglar alarm.

Burglars are looking for lax security, installing a burglar alarm (and using it consistently) implies a certain degree of vigilance. It might be enough to make the burglar keep walking!

6. Lock you doors and windows, and keep your keys out of sight.

Home Security - Are You At Risk This Christmas?

Locking your doors probably seems like a really basic tip terms of home security, but people often forget to take their keys out of the door and to store them out of plain sight. Some more advanced burglars can use instruments through the letterbox to get their hands on your keys and let themselves in. This method of entering your home is very quiet and is unlikely to draw any attention the burglars way, leaving them undisturbed. I’ve got a little key house like this one, so not only are the keys hidden, they’re behind a small, pretty door!

7. Keep ladders and tools locked away

Anything that a burglar could use to get into your home should be locked away in a shed or garage. If for any reason a burglar is having difficulty entering your home, the last thing you want to do is leave them a load of helpful resources that will aid them in their crime!

Do you have helpful hints for home security? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


This was a collaborative post, all views are my own.

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