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Home Made Fishcake and Chips for 10 Weight Watchers Smart Points

This blog should really be called ‘Occasional Weight Watchers Recipes for Skint, Lazy People’. Anyway, here’s another recipe:


*Disclaimer* This is my recipe in the terms of I just threw it together without consulting a book and recorded what I did. I don’t know if there is anything similar out there and the peas are from a tin!

Serves 4 (Half the quantities to make it for two people)


600g potatoes (15sp)

150g white fish (I used two fillets of frozen pollock) (1sp)

A sprinkle of dried parsley (0sp)


I was ultra lazy and I just peeled and chopped the potatoes really small, shoved them in a microwavable bowl (with a lid) half filled it with water then microwaved it on full power for 6 mins, shook it and did it again for another 5 mins. I drained it, rinsed it with boiling water from the kettle, mashed it and left it to cool while I cooked the fish.

I also cooked the fish in the microwave in the same way but just for 5 mins this time. True lazy girl style.

As an alternative, you can boil the potatoes on the hob and steam the fish in a steamer.

Mash it all together with the parsley and mix it in well so it’s all evenly dispersed.

When it’s cool enough to touch, put some flour down on a clean work surface and make it into fishcake shapes. It should look a bit like this:


The chips are dead easy. Just peel your spuds and cut them into chips shapes, you’ll need 650g of potatoes for 4 ¬†servings (4sp per serving).

This is the fancy bit, I have a convection oven (I got it for Christmas!). Put the chips on the bottom shelf, spray with oil, then put the fishcakes on the top shelf and spray with oil too. Cook on 225C for 35 mins. If you didn’t preheat, you’ll need to exercise a bit of trial and error.


The final part is the easiest. Tinned mushy peas. Easy peasy.

Mine were from Morrison’s and it shows the whole can to be worth 6sp. One serving is half a can, which is a far too generous serving, so I split it into quarters.

The whole thing comes to 40 smart points so split into 4, that’s 10 per portion. It was great! Yum!





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