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A Hipster Recommends: The Circle by Dave Eggers

“Secrets are lies. Sharing is Caring. Privacy is theft”

The Circle by Dave Eggers

A less distressing read than I normally recommend. Less distressing in the traditional sense; if you think too hard, you’ll scare yourself. I finished reading this book last night, it jumped the queue to be featured in my recommendations. It’s stuck in my brain and I want to talk about it now.

Mae works at an internet giant than seduces the world into a digital dystopia. A brazen nod to the capabilities of the likes of Google.

As a blogger reading this book, it felt a little unnerving to relate to the story. Mae excels at her job by sharing all aspects of her life and connecting with people online. The more connections she makes, the higher she ranks and quickly ascends through the company.

The scary thing is, in the beginning, when she’s reaching out more online, I find myself nodding along. I know if I do what Mae does, I’ll get myself seen. I’ll rank higher in the charts.

As the story unfolds, the cult-like nature of living your life online becomes clear. The company becomes a caricature of Google, Facebook and Twitter rolled into one. It made me back off from social media for a couple of days.

I was really impressed with how Eggers wrote from Mae’s perspective. I’ve read some male-written books in the past that don’t quite get a female first-person narrative right. Mae is written flawlessly.

I was invested in the book from the start and my stomach sank as Mae’s decision-making skills seems to get worse and worse. I was frustrated and intrigued at the same time.

Good authors make you feel proper feelings. If I don’t get angry or sad, I feel a book hasn’t done its job. Eggers got the job done.

Worth the read, whether you’re a blogger or not. Available on Amazon.

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12 thoughts on “A Hipster Recommends: The Circle by Dave Eggers

    1. Me too! I went through a phase where I couldn’t cope with anything too exciting. This is the perfect limbo between keeping me up at night and sending me to sleep after a page or two! x

  1. Ooooo this sounds interesting. I should really start trying to pick a book up again… the last book I read was whilst I was pregnant and it never got finished! Well apart from hurrah from gin’s book of course xx

    1. I just accidentally read a book about suicide and cried for like 40 minutes. I think I need some chicklit in my life, recommendations welcome! x

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