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A Hipster Recommends: All The Bright Places

“Is today a good day to die?”

All The Bright Places

*This review contains spoilers.*

If you want a book with a happy ending, this book is not for you. I mistakenly picked it up because once in a while I don’t want to read something horribly sad. I call these books palate cleansers and they’re usually the naff but harmless chicklit that goes for 10p in the charity shop. Occasionally a YA book stands out and I read that.

It’s all Zoella’s fault. She said, and I quote, “this book is amazing…”.

I’ve read Zoella’s book, it’s enjoyable trash at it’s finest. Just what you need when you’ve already been thoroughly depressed by Bret Easton Ellis (or something BEE adjacent). Zoella made me believe this book would be like hers.

Zoella had no business tricking me into reading (what I thought was a whimsical romance between some troubled teens, but turned out to be) a book about suicide and the kids who slip through the cracks in the mental health systems for young people.

I was expecting a meanlingless read and I was left with a lead weight on my chest.

I cried and cried, and Rob didn’t get it.

“Don’t your characters usually die?” he enquired when the tears wouldn’t stop.

They do and it usually doesn’t matter. It’s not even like the death was horribly sad. It was the author’s afterword that got me. The same bit of the book that got me back when I thought  A Million Little Pieces was a biography.

Perhaps if I hadn’t read the afterword, I’d have been fine.

Perhaps if I couldn’t relate to the character who lost his life. Perhaps if I hadn’t had mental health problems as a teen that weren’t understood as being anything other than ‘teenage problems.’

Perhaps if the author hadn’t talked about losing her dad to cancer. Perhaps if it didn’t drag forward the unresolved grief of losing my own father to cancer.

Perhaps it was just a really good book.

You can buy it from Amazon.


I was contacted and asked to share this infographic with my readers. This is not a sponsored collaboration, just an important one.

We need to transform mental health care.

All The Bright Places


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