Hipster Dog Fashion

I’ve been taking a bit of a break for my wedding, so our friend Mat over at has kindly written this post to help me keep things ticking over. Here’s everything you need to know about hipster dog fashion!

A great deal of dog fashion seems to be stuck in a fashion worm hole where hot pink, cutesy and lace reign supreme, or essential pup apparel are met with dull colours that should be used but not seen. It is not a great look. We went on the hunt for some more updated designs and found some great hipster friendly apparel for the dog in your life.

We thought supporting individual artists who are carving out their own niche in the dog fashion world made a lot of sense. We found several fun fido fashions to check out on Etsy.

One of the advantages of shopping with individual artists is that you can often contact the dealer to arrange for a custom size, shape or colour so that you can get just the right look.

Enough ado! Here are six hipster inspired looks just in time for your holiday gift list:

Upcycled Denim Dog Coat by Paw Valley Designs

Your pooch isn’t interested in trying too hard to impress…but of course this jacket is going to get some attention on the street! In addition to being fashion forward, it is fully lined for comfort and warmth. It is made from upcycled jeans and a children’s hoodie so you can feel good about the second life these threads are getting.

Of course, it is also one-of-a-kind, just like your pal!

Navy Stripe Hoodie by Bubble Brint

A new twist on a classic look, these navy stripes are eye-catching and casually stylish. It is available in several colours as well as sans pom (although…the pom totally sells it). It is made with a light-weight and breathable jersey fabric for the ultimate in comfort. Plus, it is super easy to wash – just throw it in with the rest of the laundry.

This one is great for dogs of all sizes with a handy guide for measuring available from the seller.

Dog Sweater Vest by Cane & Co.

Here is something for the hipster-chic. Simple lines, neutral colours, and an emphasis on functional form. It is fully lined with soft fleece for a warm sweater that has plenty of reserved charm. Made to order for your more discerning hound.

This is a great look for the longer bodied breeds such as greyhounds or your more dignified standard poodle.

Flannel Fleece Dog Hoodie by Happy Pooch

Do you have a casual-wear goofball on your hands? This is a great jacket to showcase the personality of a fun-loving jokester. Customize with a large variety of plaids available from the seller. Choose short or long sleeve options to fit your needs. Machine washable for easy maintenance.

Small Dog Bunny Costume by Teddy Face Dog Clothes

The irony is built right in.

Sure, you could get this just for Halloween, or you can appreciate the fun of dressing your dog up as another animal all-year-round. We love the bunny, but there are other great choices including a bee, a turkey, and even a unicorn.

The one downside of Teddy Face dog fashions is that they specialise in clothes for small dogs and puppies. If you have a Dachshund or Yorkie, you are in great shape. However, you will have to look elsewhere if you have more than a pocket pet.

Dress Collar by Pet Dress Shirt Collar

Add a little class without a lot of fuss with these upcycled dress collars perfect for dogs and cats. Does your dog take himself a little too seriously? This is the perfect accessory. There are lots of colours and styles to choose from. You can also add this to a regular dog sweater or vest for an outfit with real pizazz.

Hipster Dog Fashion


We here at Wiley Pup hope we have inspired you to give your little buddy a style upgrade!  With winter months around the corner, keeping warm doesn’t have to mean the same old crocheted sweaters and pre-fab Velcro fleece wear. Go for something that fits your lifestyle and expect to attract conversation on your next visit to the dog park.






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  1. Awww!!!! That’s so adorable!!!!

    You can’t do that with cats (I’m more of a cat person – though I love dogs also,) because you’ll get your face ripped off and your assassination planned thoroughly to occur when they have a rock-solid alibi of irritating the neighbour’s dog, but I love to see dogs look so happy when they’ve got little outfits! XD

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