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Healthy Eating for Children this Summer

I can’t be the only one who finds convincing your kids to eat healthily in the holidays is much harder than term time? Maybe it’s the lack of routine, maybe it’s the constant faint tinkle of the ice cream van, whatever it is, it’s a pain in the bum!

I’ll serve cottage pie with hidden veg, only to collect the plate and find each concealed vegetable expertly extricated and left behind. Everyone who visits your house brings biscuits or chocolate; your children want to have cake for breakfast and wear pyjamas all day. Let’s face it, summer holidays are an uphill struggle.

If this is a scarily accurate description of your summer then you’re in luck! I’ve just discovered that families online have created a handy infographic for some ingenious inspiration on ways to get the healthy stuff into your kids.

I’ve got a couple of tips that may or may not work too.

If you really wear your kids out, it’s much easier to get them to snack on fruit. I’ve found that if I can involve them in some intense running around the garden (and perhaps some jumping and climbing),it’s much easier to tempt them with a banana and a drink when they’re ready for a rest. Hopefully this will work for you.

We’ve also managed to convince Greg that various berries are incredibly precious and exotic. Raspberries and blueberries command a gasp when they are presented as a pudding after he’s eaten his dinner.

I’m still not great at getting veg down them. Emma is old enough to negotiate with, so she’ll eat her carrots and broccoli if I make a convincing enough argument, but Greg’s a different story. Greg won’t do what he doesn’t want (under any circumstances). This means cabbage and cauliflower regularly decorates my walls and floor.

The infographic has some excellent ideas for me to try and hopefully a vegetable will pass Greg’s lips in the coming weeks.

Healthy Eating for Children this Summer


Do you have any tips to share?

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