How To Handle Your Child’s First Sleepover Party… At Your House

We all remember the sleepovers we hosted and attended in our youth. They’re fun, exciting, a real adventure, all within the confines of four walls and a roof. We tend to forget, however, that behind our fun lay some stressed out parents, who were just praying that everything went well. Well, now it’s your child’s turn to have their night of fun, and you’re the one left to figure out if things will be all right on the night. We’ve got you. Below, we’ve put together a short guide to ensure the memories are all good for you, your child, and their friends.

Keep Things Simple

You’ll be calling it a sleepover ‘party,’ but it should only be as many children as you think you – and your child – can handle on any one night. It’s best to check the guest list, and only approve those children that you already know (and, ideally, like). It’s not suitable to only meet a child for the first time when they’re coming over to stay at your house, as you’ll likely have no idea who his or her parents are, what their temperament is like, and so forth.

Be Prepared

You’ll already have a home that is suitable for children, but what a group of children, all intent on having fun? That’ll take some extra planning. Dedicate a room, plus your child’s bedroom, as spaces for them to do all their fun sleepover activities. Being prepared also means making sure that every child will be safe. Remember, they might have health issues that your child doesn’t, so it’s worth having medical equipment such as asthma inhalers, EpiPens, and a first aid kit in the home. Also, make sure that you have all the contact details of the children’s parents, and, if possible, try to get any need to know info when they arrive.

Let There Be Fun

There are two ways to approach a sleepover. You can pray for it to be as quiet as possible, or you can embrace the madness and have a ‘devil may care’ attitude to the noise and energy of the children. It’s going to happen anyway, so there’s no point in trying to fight it. Provide cakes, sweets, movies, and any other supplies they need to make it fun. Plus, if you fully embrace the fun for a few hours, there’ll be more tired when bedtime comes around!

Checking In

It’ll be important that you’re away from your child and their friends, ideally in your other living room, watching a film. However, don’t hide all night. Make sure you’re checking in regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly and everyone is happy. Children can get homesick or have other issues when they’re away from home, so be prepared to deal with a few tears. Keeping an eye on them will also remind me that they’re being watched, and they shouldn’t get too cheeky!

Follow the advice above, and everyone will have a safe, fun night – including, perhaps, even you!

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