Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny have some new suitably hell raising colours out in time for Halloween and I doubt it’s a coincidence. I was lucky enough to receive some goodies fit for a goth princess as a gift from their lovely PR team.

Obviously, black is a staple, but it has to be the right black. Blackest black, shiny as hell. You know the stuff. That’s exactly what the shade Maneater is. Opaque, quick drying, and not too thick; two thin coats and you’re good to go!

Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny
Halloween perfection, right?

The other spooky shade I received was this starry night sky in a bottle; Miss Behavin’.

Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny
Another winner

Again, application is perfect, just like all other Leighton Denny products I’ve used. It’s shiny, it’s very dark, but not quite black. Gothic enough for Halloween but stylish enough for a statement nail in your regular, non-mystical life.

Now I don’t know about you, but my nail varnish skill is hit and miss. In fact, I often miss and my nails end up looking like this:

Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

Leighton Denny, masters that they are of all things nail, have come up with solution to all my (and probably yours too) problems. The Precision Corrector!

Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

It’s a solution that comes with a tiny precision brush that allows you to tidy up your mess nail painting. You saw my first attempt, didn’t you? Well look at my nails after using the corrector:

Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

Much better! The correcting solution is super easy to use and something I now consider an essential when dealing with dark coloured nail polish.

Here’s how the black looks now I’m in possession of the magical corrector.

Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

I can only imagine some sort of witchcraft is at work (which would be totally fitting for this occasion)!

Have a spooktacular Halloween, I hope your nails look as good as mine!


Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

12 thoughts on “Halloween Nails with Leighton Denny

    1. Haha I’m terrible! I’m so glad I’ve got a corrector, I just used to have a bath once it was dry and hope the bit on my skin would fall off!

    1. I didn’t expect it to work so well, I’ve tried other brands in the past and they’ve not done the job! I have eczema so usually end up with the nail polish stuck in the little lines, so I was really impressed when this didn’t. It seems to be more oily than other brands.

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