#HalfTermHygge With Plusnet

#HalfTermHygge With Plusnet

Plus very kindly sent us some goodies for their #HalfTermHygge campaign. The package included everything in the photo above and encouraged us to make a fort and have a movie night, which we gladly participated in!


Pronounced “H-o-o-g-a”, Hygge is all about finding cosy contentment in spending time together. It’s finding joy in the little things. February half term is perfect timing for this because the weather isn’t great so we can hole up in our fort with no interruptions from the outside world (like school).


Plusnet suggested a movie night, fort making, enjoying some sweet treats together and baking some delicious sounding Danish Butter Biscuits. We went for the fort, movie night and popcorn because we couldn’t get out to get ingredients. The recipe card is saved until next time, they sound too good not to make!

Our Fort

We made a cosy chair fort with blankets, cushions, two fitted double sheets and some twinkly decorations. Here’s the fort minutes after we finished it, before Greg had the chance to dive in it and make it look less aesthetically pleasing.


The kids loved sitting in it and Greg thought it was the most special thing he’s ever seen, especially when the popcorn came out!

Serious popcorn eating


We even made a little video, although all Greg cares about is the popcorn.


Will you be doing any half term Hygge activities? Why not find the joy in the simple things and host your own movie night. If baking biscuits isn’t your thing I’m sure your corner shop will have some sweet treats to feast on. Sit back, relax, grab a blanket and light the fire. It’s time to get cosy and appreciate what you’ve got.

Enjoy your #HalfTermHygge and if you make a fort I’d love to see it!

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