Grow Great Hair! (Catwalk Queen Review)

I am forever trying to grow great hair. You may have noticed from my Instagram account that I have lots of hair, and this last year it’s really grown beautifully. I’ve been taking some supplements called Catwalk Queen (because who doesn’t want to be a catwalk queen?) and doing a few other bits too.

If you also want to grow great hair, you need to see what I’ve been up to. For reference, this is me practising being a catwalk queen:

Grow Great Hair! (Catwalk Queen Review)


The Catwalk Queen supplements are actually for skin, hair and nails. While I never grow my nails (ex pianist over here) I have noticed they feel thicker and stronger. My skin and hair has definitely improved though!

I’ve completely stopped getting spots, even when it’s my time of the month, and my hair has grown so much in the last year.

Grow Great Hair! (Catwalk Queen Review)

There are a few other things I’ve done that may have contributed to good skin and hair, but this supplement is certainly one of them.

How to grow great hair


Get enough sleep and properly care for your that sleepy head. Or rather, all that hair on your sleepy head! Plenty of sleep is essential for great hair (and skin), but you hair needs proper care.

I sleep in a loose plait. I also never go to bed with wet hair as that leaves it vulnerable to breakages. However you fasten it back, it should always be tied up loosely.

Grow Great Hair! (Catwalk Queen Review)
I do think good hair and good skin go hand in hand

Eat well

Your body needs a good mix of vitamins and minerals. If you eat lots of fresh fruit and veg, you will get the nutrients your body needs to grow strong hair and clear skin. The same diet for a healthy body applies for healthy hair and skin. Plenty of natural fats, dark green, leafy veg and lots of berries should do the trick.


Drink lots. I mean a lot. I drink several pints of water each day. This is something you need to be careful about. Both too much and too little to drink can cause a lot of problems, it’s essential you get the balance right. The general consensus is about 2 litres. I probably drink closer to 3.5l but I spread it out across the day. NEVER drink a lot in a short space of time.

The above three things, plus these Catwalk Queen supplements have left me with lots of long, bouncy hair.

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